Obama’s “Catholic Plan”

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10 Responses to Obama’s “Catholic Plan”

  1. upaces88 says:

    Travis, a great deal of information was “taken out of the original Bible at the Council of Nicea.
    There were stories of Jesus when he was a little boy that made him “seem normal”…he did get into trouble just like all children do. That was taken out;
    The hidden years between the age of 12 and I think(?) 30 right before he was crucified were taken out. There are amazing stories told about Jesus in India; and even in the early, early America(s) of this strange, holy man — they described him and his name was given that is very similar to “Jesus.”
    When he was in India, he went there “to learn” about the secrets held in herbs, spices,that can heal specific ailments; etc.; however, because he was the Son Of G-d, HE ended up teaching them.

    I took a class in Aramaic at a Southern Methodist University.Aramaic was the language Jesus spoke.
    It was taught by a man who used a short-form of the Bible where he had been “misquoted.” On one side of the page was the KING JAMES VERSION; and on the other side of the page was the Original text in Aramaic.
    If you will remember, the Bible was written “through the eyes of those in the Middle East. They used many parables to explain things.
    Then when it was translated to the Western Culture — it lost much of its original meaning.
    For instance, the story of Jonah and the whale. In the Middle East, it was the custom to use, for instance, when they had a problem?
    “I am in so much trouble, that I was swallowed by a whale”… meaning… that problem was HUGE!!!! It did NOT mean, they were actually swallowed by a whale.

    WHAT DOES MATTER? What matters is that we believe in the teachings of Christ as True… that, in FACT, he teaches us how to live righteously.

    What is deeply sad and ironic at the same time is that Muslims believe that Jesus WAS born of a Virgin and that G-d is HIS FATHER.
    Therefore, how can they slaughter those who believe in Christ?

    It is late, and I do hope I addressed what you asked about.
    It really doesn’t matter if you do or don’t want to believe what I am saying…the Important issue is to have a “personal” relationship with HIM.

  2. upaces88 says:

    @ Travis:
    The questions were questions that any normally inquisitive child would ask:
    If Adam and Eve were the first people on earth…when the children grew up, who did they marry?

  3. upaces88 says:

    @ Travis, I don’t EVEN know where to start. Churches have become more along the lines of a Social Clubs for people rather than being their because one believes in the teachings of any church. IF they choose to be a member of The Catholic Church, the SHOULD BE excommunicated.

    To put it bluntly, I have a deep abiding anger towards Christian Churches anyway — even though I am a VERY “CHRIST-CENTERED PERSON.” I am the daughter and grand-daughter of Baptist ministers. There was a meeting to toss me out of the church because I was getting a divorce from a man who was beating me. I was expected to get him to “see the light.” AS I was walking out the door, their last remark to me was, “Why are you leaving Christ?”
    I turned around and said: “I’m not leaving him… HE is going with me.” (shhh, I am old lol, ) Needless-to-say, my parents didn’t talk to me for a year after that. We didn’t have the internet.I spent days and days in many libraries over the years to find out as much information about Jesus Christ as I could. What I found the Catholic Church already knew . The COMPLETE truth is NOT told about Jesus’ life.

    • Travis Berry says:


      What do you mean by, “The COMPLETE truth is NOT told about Jesus’ life.”? Are you suggesting that the Bible is not enough for us to know Jesus? How do you know that the Catholic church has the truth?

      Travis (AnotherChristianBlog.org)

      • upaces88 says:

        Travis, did I say that? Noooo. The Council Of Nicea left a great deal out of the Bible.
        There were books written by “women” that that left out.
        There were stories about Jesus in the original scrolls that were “deliberately left out” because the Catholic Church would NOT have as much control over members of the church with them IN the Bible.

        If your mind has a question, there is always an answer. I learned a great deal BEFORE the internet came out by going to public libraries. I wanted to know THE ENTIRE TRUTH ABOUT “MY” Jesus.

        • upaces88 says:

          Travis, I am the daughter and the grand-daughter of two ministers and literally, was punched in the side “as a child” for asking a “child’s questions” about Jesus. Children are very bright and when something doesn’t make sense? Just telling a child to have “faith”: isn’t enough..they need to find out EVERYTHING to teach us about Our Savior. Jesus would very much disapprove of ignoring questions that would strengthen a child’s knowledge about the Savior who gave his life for us.

  4. Travis Berry says:

    Hey Boudica,

    I have heard over and over from Roman Catholic apologists that sola scriptura causes chaos and disunity among people. They then go on to explain that the Roman Catholic church is the only way to unity. If this is the case then how could there be pro-abortion Roman Catholics? Why aren’t these people excommunicated from the church? Is the Catholic smoke screen of unity just that?

    Some thoughts as I watched this video.

    Travis (AnotherChristianBlog.org)

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