“Stupid Republicans” Wild Bill for America

Published on May 1, 2012 by

Unless the Republicans get smart, they will lose this nation

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10 Responses to “Stupid Republicans” Wild Bill for America

  1. upaces88 says:

    Wanted to come over here and tell you what has been going on with Newt’s site.
    Three of us got kicked off for talking about a Brokered Convention and Newt’s chances of getting back in. We were very excited because it IS POSSIBLE…
    Reminding you again…IT WAS NEWT’S SITE…there were only 3 of us there at the time…we’d go back in a couple of hours or late at night…and it was still the 3 of us. Red neck Woman, me and one other…the site coordinator.
    Yesterday, we were talking about Brokered Convention which would be Newt’s chance to get back in successfully and keep going.

    The NEW site coordinator broke in and said he was backing NEWT to BACK ROMNEY!!!! We asked why….since Newt had so many people who wanted him, and I copied and pasted his poll numbers on there.

    Come to find out…the Original site admin. was NOT there, and he had taken over and was Gathering support for ROMNEY since Newt said he would support him.

    My question to you is…why would he be supporting Romney on NEWT’S site? We have not been able to get back on that site. We have been blocked.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Muse…American Citizens really do try very hard at doing things the “right way.”
    I don’t remember where I got this quote but it is true.
    “Our strengths are our weaknesses; and our Weaknesses will become our strengths.”

  3. upaces88 says:

    Muse, Obama began building the FEMA camps right after he got into office. We are not listed 47th on the Freedom Index in the Entire World.

    He is right about the Republican Party now….they SHOULD have stood between Newt and ??? to allow him to run. Instead the powers-that-be took away Newt’s Security Team while leaving Romney’s.

    The bad guys? The bad buys have George Soros behind them telling them how and what to do. What Soros is doing now is backing Obama, Romney and Ron Paul…dividing the vote between the bad guys while putting out “bogus pie charts” of how Obama is doing vs. Romney.
    There was a fraud poll a few days ago that was exposed FOR ROMNEY.

    They have smart people but they are too busy to really design an effective campaign and have the RIGHT PERSON running — like Newt.
    He is such a hard ass, he will not BEND to their will.

    • muse1876 says:

      I would have loved to see a Newt and Obama debate. He would have wiped up the floor with him. If Romney picks the right VP, he will win. I am hoping people will see that Obama is keeping the blacks and hispanics on the plantation. He is doing nothing for them but keeping them as slaves.

      • upaces88 says:

        I am still asking…why are we still thinking that “ROMNEY IS IT”?
        That hasn’t been declared officially….it is sheer propaganda at this point. The convention is where that is decided.

        Soros has put out several campaign ads: Chose the VP for Romney… he got got; and now there is another one out.
        We MUST CLIP THIS IN THE BUD…do NOT allow anyone to believe HE IS OUR CHOSEN CANDIDATE..because he isn’t!@

        Newt and Obama? Newt wouldn’t have to even break a sweat in that debate!
        Shoot, Obama could still be beaten even with his stupid teleprompter on. He would pee pee in his panties if he had to debate Newt.

        • muse1876 says:

          Romney will end up being the choice. Newt said that Romney is better than Obama. The right or the left will never have a “perfect” candidate. Obama and his lies must be shown honestly.

  4. muse1876 says:

    Excellent video. Makes one think about what is happening in our country and that we are not alone with our beliefs. Our problem is we will sit and wait until “someone” acts first.

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