Islamic Terror Attacks: What is to Blame? Via Family security Matters.

Via Family Security Matters

Islamic Terror Attacks: What is to Blame?


There are two ways to analyze the violent eruption of global terrorist attacks that have marked the past three decades: analyze the nature of the threat and the culture supporting it, or blame it all on the evils of Western colonialism and American militarism. The latter analysis is the choice of the “politically correct,” who say that terrorism is as rampant in the West as it is in the Muslim world. A truth check, however, will tell us that for every Western terrorist (such as Timothy McVeigh), there are hundreds almost exclusively from the Muslim world.

If colonialism is the villain of this piece, why do ideologues only talk about Western colonialism? Why ignore that Arab Muslims (and European Christians) suffered under 500 years of Ottoman Turkish colonialism well before Western colonization? And how about the Muslim world in Central Asia that suffered under both Russian Tsarist and Communist colonialism?

Arabs themselves were dreadful imperialists (700-1,000 A.D.) and every land they conquered is still dysfunctional today, according to Harvard economics professor, Eric Chaney: “Democratic Change in the Arab World, Past and Present,” in the April 7 Economist and Fareed Zakaria in Time, April 7. Wherever Arabs conquered, good governance and economic development were smothered, as they are today. This is even true for countries temporarily conquered but not converted to Islam by the Arabs (Spain, Portugal, Southern Italy).

Islamist terrorism is not just aimed at the West (revenge for colonization), but also at Thailand (Buddhist); Muslim Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia; and Nigeria, where jihadis murdered Christian church goers on Easter Sunday.  Black slavery was an Arab business long before it was European.
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2 Responses to Islamic Terror Attacks: What is to Blame? Via Family security Matters.

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  2. upaces88 says:

    Yesterday, I was having a hard time filing articles in the right places because my files on Obama? They are divided up into everything political: Blacks, Muslims….forget it…. I’ll just say what I came here to say.
    Either use the Star Wars weapon on sections of the Middle East OR
    a damn Nuke. This will go on for 100 years because these inbreeding animals have no conscience or affinity for really wanting to live peacefully. They murder their own race. Hell for that matter, they murder their own family members including the wife and female daughters if they get out of line with their way of believing.
    So this is what I would REALLY like to see happen in the ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST.

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