Obama’s allegiance is with Islam, not America or the American people!

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  1. Upaces says:

    Muse…he won’t make them do anything — what he is allowing them to do is take over our country

    • muse1876 says:

      He is an embarassment to our country. He loves everything that America stands for. He has got to go. He is taking us “forward” to the abyss and real Americans won’t go willingly.

  2. upaces88 says:

    AS far as I am concerned…the mudslimes can do what ever they want to do — BUT, Leave our military out of it totally.
    Those in D.C. should be shot along with him. That is treason now even to the Souls of our Military!

  3. upaces88 says:

    I saw an article yesterday on Bare Naked Islam…where the young Cadets were on the floor with their asses in the air like the Muslims…We know where this had to come from — Their own Commander in Chief…(I am sure)…

    The day before that, there was an article that they were havig to sit in a classroom to be “re-educated” the propaganda about Islam.

    This IS BLATANT Treason against Our Country.

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