(Video) Congressman Allen West speaks to the BREC (Broward Republican Executive Committee)

Congressman Allen West speaks to the BREC (Broward Republican Executive Committee) at the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six Fort Lauderdale, FL

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2 Responses to (Video) Congressman Allen West speaks to the BREC (Broward Republican Executive Committee)

  1. upaces88 says:

    I like this man! He would be great as President or VP; however, he lacks the Team necessary to bring him MORE in front of larger audiences.
    I gave these Idea(s) for the administrator of the Newt360 blog site; however, these ideas would also be great for West:

    1) Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie(s) father..blasted Obama; and he would do it free;
    2) Col West would stand up with Obama;
    3) Sarah Palin will stand up for Newt;
    4) Well-known RETIRED Military Officer would stand up with Newt and for him;
    5) Wild Bill will stand up for Newt — they are in the same type thought processes;
    6) AZ Sheriff Babeu would stand up for Newt as well as Jan Brewer;
    7) ALL of those who want the borders on the Sheriff’s Posse will make it know they stand up for him; and sue they would do an AD for him’
    8) Chuck Norris is a great fan of Newt’s – get him to campaign or do an ad:
    9.) Rick Perry Supports Newt Gingrich
    10) (Well, this jerk will get the voters under 40+ but I can’t stand him: Charley Sheen;
    11) Herman Cain supports Newt;
    12) PM Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel ) — Newt openly stated to him concerning Israel: What can we do for you; “Two Peas in a Pod”;

    It is NOT too late:
    These names can be divided for his staff. The great thing about public relations and all of these people like and respect Newt — IF they can’t? They will find someone for him.
    From what I understand, His security has been jerked…Someone needs to step forward to protect THIS MAN. He is the toughest yet and he will make a great President.

    • upaces88 says:

      Unfortunately, after I published this, I found out Chuck Norris is backing Romney. Not that he read it, but I sent Chuck an email bonking him on the head!

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