President Pantywaist, Vladimir Putin.

While Obama jets out here to the west coast to pander to Hollywood, raise money and bask in his recent “evolution” to the enlightenment of Gay Marriage, Russian President Vladimir Putin essentially tells him to eat you-know-what and die like stinking dog… well, rather he gives him the bum’s rush, tells him that he’s too “busy” to attend the G-8 Summit and sends his new lackey, PM Dmitry, instead.

“Just days after reclaiming the Russian presidency, Vladimir Putin has canceled his planned visit to the United States, where he’d been scheduled to attend a major economic summit and meet with President Obama.

The White House confirmed in a statement late Wednesday that Putin told Obama on a phone call he’d be sending Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in his place. Putin claimed he was too busy finalizing cabinet appointments to make the May 18-19 G-8 Summit at Camp David. Yet the Obama administration had moved the gathering to the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland from the planned venue in Chicago partly to accommodate Putin.”

And if that won’t do it, he’s also threatened preemptive strikes over a dispute with the United States over a Europe-based missile defense system if Obama won’t roll over on that issue, too. That Vladimir, what a crack up. Our POTUS, what a wuss!!!!!

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4 Responses to President Pantywaist, Vladimir Putin.

  1. Redneck Woman says:

    Guess we don’t have to worry about Russian Troops helping out Obami’s Army of degenerates if another civil war breaks out! I’d make a bet that the Russians would most likely help out the American Military take out the Wuss and the degenerates!

  2. tthan43 says:

    There is not a leader of any nation on the planet that so much as even likes the f-king ghetto monkey unless, of course, you consider the muslime extremist nations. Despite the fact that we got a fudge packing pathological narcissist for a leader….that does not seem to bother the muslimes since he is their avenue to their conquest of this nation and the establishment of a pathetic sharia law. It is well known that the ghetto monkey would sell his own children into prostituted slavery if he thought it would help him gain more power and hold onto what he has. The two-legged malignancy is totally worthless and a waste of air as are those who follow him.

  3. upaces88 says:

    AND, PUTIN KNOWS what he is made of!!!
    Putin is not one to fool around on issues like this!

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