This most accountable and transparent administration. What a bunch of corrupt liars. House cleaning has to go far beyond just the elected politicians and deep into government agencies.

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Obama’s Interior Department, led by Ken Salazar, has been changing a lot of information. Anyone remember how they changed a report during the BP oil spill to make it look as if the experts agreed with their drilling moratorium? Remember the federal judge who held the Interior Department in contempt. Any numbers from this White House is to be considered fraudulent.Te

How recording reveal Team Obama pressured contractors to fudge jobs loss estimates on the coal industry. Obama said he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry and he is hell-bent on accomplishing this act.

From WFB:

Obama administration officials may have pressured government contractors to change job loss estimates associated with coal regulations, audio recordings reveal.

The tapes show that unnamed officials with the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSM) asked government contractors to change their calculations of job losses associated with the Stream Protection Rule

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