Obama, the Muslim supporter Sucks and is a liar. Islam allows it.


Israel Hayom | The world is pulling a fast one.

Dan Margalit

Things are much clearer in the vernacular than they are in diplomatic speak: The free world is pulling a fast one on us. And on itself. The agreement that the International Atomic Energy Agency reached with Iran is a pact among thieves. Thieves and liars. Everyone knows that this deal is not worth even the few words used to announce it.

At its core, the agreement is merely a goodwill gesture by the Iranians aimed at facilitating U.S. President Barack Obama’s re-election in November.

Sanctions could have effectively curbed Iran’s nuclear efforts, but only if they had been imposed consistently and if each successive round had been tougher than the previous one. They could have worked if Iran’s central bank had been completely shut down and the passage of ships through the Strait of Hormuz had been…

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  1. upaces88 says:

    I don’t care how inept, careless; or even poor decisions of past presidents,, I can’t think of any of them that would DELIBERATELY place the U.S. in danger of being completely taken over by an enemy…..

    .I have never considered past presidential actions as Treason. However, this man’s decisions have caused America to appear weak to the entire world. He leaves us open for attacks by the Muslims.

    NO ONE ELSE would have done the things he has done to the U.S. UNLESS it was/is to deliberately make us weaker in the eyes of the world.

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