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(Video) Agenda 21’s Globalist Death Plan for Humanity

Updated, original video removed. Lord Monckton joins Aaron in-studio today, Wednesday, May 23. Monckton is a British politician, public speaker, former newspaper editor, and a spirited critic of the globalist theory of anthropogenic global warming. Mr. Monckton is in the … Continue reading

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Insanity in our government courtesy of Islam!

Let your elected representatives know that America is not a Muslim country and we don’t want them pandering to Muslims. These politically correct bastards are leading us to suicide. “The Purge” Trailer ACT! for America President Brigitte Gabriel exposes how … Continue reading

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Video: Stuntman survives first-ever 2400-foot skydive without parachute

Looked like a rough landing but couldn’t actually see it. Gary Connery, a 42-year old stuntman, has become the first man to jump 2,400 feet (731 meters) and land safely — without the use of a parachute. Years of training … Continue reading

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ASSuming! The 400 ft bookmark raises major concern. It reads to me like they have found their way to bypass the need for a search warrant.

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Send No Law Of The Sea Treaty to your Representatives.

http://action.freedomworks.org/6852/stop-uns-law-seas-treaty/wt/?src=widget Stop the UN’s Law of the Seas Treaty Click the button to learn more and take action! 6,280 Actions Taken So Far Take Action Created by FreedomWorks

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