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Memorial Day!

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I’ve made up my mind, I’m voting color in 2012 to move forward!

You voted color in 2008? We all must vote color in 2012 to move forward… Vote Red, White and Blue NObama 2012

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Originally posted on Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead:
Common sense has prevailed in Washington for once. The Senate has torpedoed Barack Obama’s plan to launch his Great Green Fleet, a foolhardy project even for an administration that…

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Obama: Part Cherokee, Part Caucasian African American, Part White Hispanic, Part Inuit Sled Dog

Via America Conservative 2 Conservative LIKE WARREN, OBAMA CLAIMS CHEROKEE ANCESTRY–BUT OFFERS NO PROOF President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren have more in common than just their liberal political ideology, Harvard Law pedigree, and Democratic Party … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Doctor Bulldog & Ronin:
Exceptionalism will not be tolerated! …Yet another reason to homeschool: Texas honor student jailed for missing too much school By CBSAtlanta.com Web Staff MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX (CBS ATLANTA) – An honor student in…

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Road Rage

Via my cuz Oliver When you are feeling rushed and in a hurry, maybe it is time to stop and appreciate the wonder all around you. These photos were taken Thursday, Feb 17/11 by someone from Centurion in Pilanesberg Game … Continue reading

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Public’s appreciation of a soldier

What say you? TOMMY I went into a public-‘ouse to get a pint o’ beer, The publican ‘e up an’ sez, “We serve no red-coats here.” The girls be’ind the bar they laughed an’ giggled fit to die, I outs … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Political Musings-At the Sunset of My Life:
This was sent to me by a friend and I cannot vouch for the content. But I certainly agree with all of the commentary. Give this teacher and true American…

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Originally posted on blogsense-by-barb:
Enduring gratitude and sober sympathies to the families and loved ones of those who sacrificed everything, even their lives for the cause of Freedom. Your sacrifice is much appreciated and remembered!

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Be Honest Dam-it

Be Honest Dam-it, Stop pretending, Mitt Romney is a Liberal, Obama is the devil, Ron Paul is a joke, dam your hero, Yea I said It, So what, Be A Grown Up, Act Your Age, Dam your Idol, Keeping It … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Socialism is not the Answer:
American Thinker It’s  an international idea that will be voted on in December – giving the UN more  control over the internet. Congress,  if it knows what’s good for it, will refuse…

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I used to report myself to Attack Watch but got tired of it after awhile. Attack Watch, Truthteam. LOL!

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New page on Boudica BPI

“T&S Dreamers, Schemers & Reamers / Letters: to The Envy Class, Buffett & Obama” LETTER TO BARACK OBAMA, THE HADITH’S REAMER-SCHEMER: PART I PART II PART III PART IV PART V Please comment here

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