Obama, The Never ending Story. All of it bad.

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  1. upaces88 says:

    Not one thing will happen when he does pull it all together.
    He is a law man. He RESPECTS the law.

    THAT man has taken over as a dictator already. He hasn’t, as yet, admitted it; however, his ACTS he has committed are the proof to go after him with. He is too protected from those around him about the BC, and as he said, “prosecutions are being blocked.”

    This really does both people who do respect and obey the laws; and even get upset when they get a traffic ticket unfairly. The mentality of THAT MAN in our WH is EVIL.

    Obama is damaged goods.. He “may” not be considered; however, I dunnoooo, his narcissistic personality may not accept it.
    Romney? They got rid of Newt to allow Romney to win… IF Obama will step down.

    He is wrong! They DO know who Obama is in the WH. It doesn’t matter who is father is….IT IS THE ACTIONS OF THE SON (who ever the father is)….not the father.

    Had he been a good president… even just acceptable, it would NOT have been an issue that would have gotten him impeached…. YES, they would have addressed it; however. What matters is his ENTIRE regime has been crooked from the very beginning as he built more and more destruction within our laws; our country, etc.

    THE DNA does NOT matter…HIS ACTIONS matter. HIS FRAUD matters. They CAN put the FRAUD together with his BC; but when the day is done…they will get him on his treason towards OUR Country since he has been in Office.

    ROMNEY? Thank God he is telling the Truth about Romney!!!
    Many of us have been blasted for standing against Romney and stop being such cowards and DEMAND that Newt come back in!
    I have heard more pitiful excuses!!!! It WAS the RNC who shoved Newt aside!

    I do hope he is right about the Bilderberg’s shoving Obama aside; but I still think Romney is a disastrous mistake!

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