• upaces88 says:

    Comments from a Veteran:

    I could not understand them of course, I have to ask why didn’t the Australian government stop this? If this had been a mosque these people would be there with their guns blazing & bombs bursting! What would happen if these people destroyed the graves of the thousands in Arlington, would we stand by and let them destroy the graves, of those who gave everything, because they say we offend them?

    It’s about time we find a way to end all “we offend everyone”rants! If these people, or any other group from anywhere outside the US, cannot or will not speak English, then get them the hell out of here, they all end up on welfare and disability or Social Security as it is.

    How much money could be saved by the US Government if the stopped printing everything in every language except English? How many are sick of hearing: for English press one, Para la instrucción en español, la prensa 2, this needs to end! We have the damn mexicans down south putting the Mexican flag over/or replacing the American Flag, burning it, using it for rags to wash their jack up gang banger cars, yet not a damn one has a job that pays enough for that, this is like the people who claim “they do not read or speak English, they take and are giving a drivers license…. which if they cannot read or understand …. there is no way in hell, they can read the street signs and follow the law! And yet, if they are pulled over the damn police are sued for “racial profiling”, regardless of who they hit, how fast they were going, how many are in the car! They have no insurance which means the taco burner should be impounded, yet you can’t impound their cars because they don’t have the money to get them out!

    Just like, I ask , how in the hell can these damn New Black Panthers, whether or not they are joking, can come out and state they are going to fake an assassination of obama just so Obama can stay in office! All that is going to do is spark that fire so many are just f=ing waiting for ….like the Panthers who we all seen intimidating voters, threatening to “kill all the crackers” and their families. I can remember 3 people who have already been arrested for making the comment! Why can these backwards, hate filled people make comments and not be touched?

    In the military, I have noticed a lot have rank now, I seen everything form E-1 to O-5?, I think some are part of Obama’s defense force. I do not believe, if ordered, the Armed Forces, I served in for 22 years, would ever lift a weapon at a citizen. I know “WE” would fight all enemies foreign or domestic and, in the case of these panthers, I believe they would fall under domestic. One of them was discussing that idiot in Iran, saying the could join forces and fight the common enemy, the White people. blacks that do not align with them will suffer the same fate. Does this not reek of Obama –telling the Demons to go and fight their common enemy, the Republicans? In less than four years, Obama has made racist, hate filled anti white comments that any person in that position that I can remember or read about! He made sure in 08 to state people in the rural farming areas, small towns or cities all “CLING TO THEIR GUNS AND RELIGION” , why his own pastor of twenty or more years has been condemning whites for creating AIDS to kill all the blacks. Shut them down so they cannot excel, that it’s no longer going to be “GOD BLESS AMERICA, ITS GOING TO BE “GOD DAMN AMERICA” Obama, the self serving, egotistical, arrogant pile dog crap said to all of us, “WE ARE NO LONGER A NATION OF GOD” and that he was going to “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA” most saw right though those skinny, boney assed finger comment, now we have to get his ass out! Mooo=Chelle if we ca keep her fat ass out of the ribs and taking half million dollar vacations or sending those snotty ass kids of hers off using tax payer funds…. can start packing, the WHITE HOUSE is not now, nor will it ever be her anti-white, anti-American “PALACE”….. that building belongs to the citizens of the UNITED STATES, unlike her, we are “PROUD OF OUR COUNTRY” and we did not need people that are arrogant to be pushed into a job he could not now or ever do.


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39 Responses to WTF?

  1. upaces88 says:

    THAT a year-old video of a speech by Ann Coulter is now making the rounds on the Internet, showing the conservative pundit warning that the nomination of Mitt Romney as the GOP presidential candidate will lead to a Democratic victory in November.
    Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February 2011, Coulter said: “If we don’t nominate [New Jersey Gov.] Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we’ll lose.”

    Flash forward to the present day: Coulter has changed her stance and now supports Romney’s candidacy. She has even penned a column titled “Three Cheers for Romneycare.”
    She writes: “One difference between the healthcare bills is that Romneycare is constitutional and Obamacare is not.”
    THAT comedians in post-revolutionary Egypt aren’t laughing after one of the nation’s most beloved comics was sentenced to three months in jail for “defaming Islam.”
    A court handed down the decision against Adel Imam for a 2007 movie in which he plays a corrupt businessman who tries to buy a university diploma, the Ahram Online English website reported. The film included a scene with bearded Muslim men wearing traditional Islamic robes.
    Imam was sentenced in absentia, and his whereabouts are reportedly unknown.
    THAT a majority of Americans believe that food stamp recipients should be fingerprinted to be eligible for the benefits, according to a new poll.
    The survey by Rasmussen Reports found that 53 percent of respondents think recipients should be fingerprinted, while 36 percent disagree and 11 are undecided.
    The issue has come to the fore in New York City recently. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in favor of the current policy requiring fingerprinting while New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to end the practice.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Here is another one about the Fraud and Romney (just like Obama):

    Romney’s dirty tricks exposed, fail in NV
    by Joel McDurmon on May 7, 2012
    NBC 4 Reno reports on the rule-bending and the use of fake pro-Romney slate cards that look like those passed out by Paul’s campaign.

    A few quotable lines from the video report:

    “Here you can see one of the people who was allegedly passing out the fake slate being escorted out by the sergeant at arms.”

    “Ron Paul supporters realized the rules weren’t being upheld, and more than 400 delegates [Romney supporters] were registered after the 9 am deadline.”

    “Republican leaders admitted they had miscalculated the preliminary delegate totals.”

  3. upaces88 says:

    This isn’t the one….however, I did forget about this. This does indicate he ain’t that different from Obama with the Fraud Issue:
    Romney a head by voter fraud and voter fraud momentum:

    Written on JANUARY 11, 2012 by V2A

    Video Proof Dead People Allowed to Vote in NH Primary

    GOP and Tea Party Ignores Voting Irregularities, and voter fraud in the Iowa Caucuses
    Jan 04, 2012 11:29 pm

  4. upaces88 says:

    The MISPRISION OF TREASON needs to be faxed to the Sheriff.

  5. upaces88 says:

    Satan’s spawn

  6. upaces88 says:

    Redneck Woman, hmmm, I wonder what they are waiting for?
    Romney isn’t going to be any better. He will continue where Obama left off and will be much “slicker” about it.

    • Redneck Woman says:

      I agree about Romney…let us remember though that the fat lady has not sang her last song….Romney has not received the magic number (1144) delegates he needs to be declared the “official” Nominee. There is a thing called the Convention to get through in August. Any of the candidates who have received delegates can still show up and declare they are still in the running.
      Romney had 11 voted to go in 2008…he lost to McCain who came up from fourth place!
      The same thing can happen once again….Newt can show up and after the first ballot…it’s a brand new ball game! Delegates after the first vote are set free to vote as they see fit.
      Also….the States that had their delegates divided between Romney, Gingrich, Santorum and Paul….What if the delegates that were given to Romney really didn’t want to be backing him???? I just thought of this….
      Anyways, they are waiting to see what happens with the Convention…if Newt wins the Nomination, all will be fine to carry on…if Romney gets the nomination, then they’ll wait to see what happens for the Fall Election. If they decide to act…it will be a major upheaval for all of you….things will never be the same again…the America you knew will be no more. A whole new set of rules and Government will be put into place… will be many years before you get to vote again. Until then…it will be Military rule…food will be hard to come by…restrictions on travel and papers will have to be shown.
      The Military are well aware of what it means to do this and how it will effect the American citizens….they don’t and won’t go into this lightly as many lives will be lost during the chaos.

      • upaces88 says:

        Oh! Redneck Woman! I think I have the article that explains there was fraud during the caucus(s). I’ll see if I can find it.

        Before I run back to my files…I do want to say…I have been trying to imagine what it will be like IF the military does have to step in. I have been reading other people’s opinions on it also. People are sooo fearful now….they are deeply afraid of our country NEVER being back to normal and more than likely, will cooperate in every way possible to have OUR Country back.

        • Redneck Woman says:

          I was giving the message over a year and a half ago…many laughed at me and called me nasty names for saying anything about the military stepping in to correct an error. People now are understanding more and even calling for it.
          Most don’t realize how their lives will change drastically though as many have never experienced this. Now…I’m just trying to get them to understand what will happen and to be prepared for the worst. I’m hoping most people will cooperate and just stay out of the Military’s as they are asked..don’t cause a ruckus…cuz they really won’t have a sense of Haha about rabble rousers and trouble makers.
          The OWS crowd and supporters are going to be very defiant and will find themselves in deep caca…..some will no longer be around to cause chaos and violence.

      • upaces88 says:

        It sure is in the air now about the Brokered Convention. I saw it mentioned on two other sites today. I haven’t read anyone saying that they REALLY like Romney. People are discouraged.

        • Redneck Woman says:

          People shouldn’t be discouraged…they should be hopping mad! Having everyone just rolling over and allowing Romney to be shoved down our collective throats! They really need to fight this BS! They must tell Newt he has to be there…we are counting on him!
          It’s not been decided yet ….heck Texas hasn’t even put in there two cents worth yet! I’m hoping that Texas goes predominantly for Newt….doubt it but maybe enough are angry about this !

          • upaces88 says:

            Remember when we got kicked off that Newt site for raving about Newt? Remember when we have read over and over again…I do NOT like Romney, but I will hold my nose…dooo dah!!???
            Did you get blasted as many times as I did for trying to light a fire under them NOT TO TAKE IT!!!!

            I have read posts where people are fearful; worried sick; can’t eat; can’t sleep…discouraged about what might happen if the Military has to come in?
            They should feel excited and thrilled with the fact that we’d have our Country back!!!!

            • Redneck Woman says:

              Yep….I personally got kicked for sticking my nose where some arrogant POS thought I shouldn’t!….I find it very unfortunate that some don’t have a clue of how their Government nor the process for elections works.
              As for the military scenario….people have also been brainwashed over the years to believe that the military wouldn’t have their best interests at heart. They are just killing machines don’cha’know? They will do whatever their Commanders tell them to! Uh..Duh…most in the military do know about the Nuremburg Trials….an illegal order is still illegal and they can be tried in a Military Court if they carry out that illegal order! Firing on American civilians who are not attacking and are unarmed would be considered an illegal act even if an order is issued!…..This is why the Cammanding Officers have already informed the troops that if such an order was given..they should shoot the Commanding Officer who issues the order and the people standing closest to him…any soldier who is going to follow that order should also be shot.
              I can understand the people’s fears….most have never been in this situation before and it is scary.

              • upaces88 says:

                See, I didn’t know that they are told that IF they are ordered to shoot American Citizens…they are to turn on the one who gave the order and shoot them.
                Sounds like it SHOULD BE exactly that!

  7. upaces88 says:

    Red Neck Woman, I don’t think people know that about the firing squad already being assigned.. .Thank you for sharing that!

    • Redneck Woman says:

      You’re welcome! Only those who have attended West Point as Cadets for Officer training have access to the 164 volumes of the Constitution. It is in there that one would find the information pertaining to the Firing Squad.
      Too bad Obi got to read the “Reader’s Digest” version ….and then he even flunked that! Bet he doesn’t even know about it! Ha ha…what a loser! Can’t you just see his reaction ?

      • upaces88 says:

        This sick thought just hit me. Did you read a few days ago that the asshole had OUR new cadets sticking their butts up in the air praying? It was on Bare Naked Islam.

        • Redneck Woman says:

          I didn’t read it yet…no. If I was a cadet I’d be telling him to eff off! I’m not doing it! I’d take the consequences. I’d rather defy man made rules in this case than the rules set out by our Maker…eternity is a very long time to have to suffer!

          • upaces88 says:

            Oh! Yes…and stupid “sensitivity classes” for the New Cadets!!!

            • Redneck Woman says:

              Yeah…I’d show them real sensitivity alright!! Is putting them out of their misery sensitive enough?

          • upaces88 says:

            It was on Bare Naked Islam. I don’t go there much. I hate reading the same whining over and over again with no originality from those who post.

          • upaces88 says:

            They were the very YOUNG babies….they didn’t look over 18-24.

            • Redneck Woman says:

              It’s always the youngest and the brightest…easier to control…..also many young folk go in to help out with their education….unfortunately during war duties many of those fine young people don’t get to come home and those that do need help, cuz war is hell!

  8. upaces88 says:

    Every single person in D.C. has had multiple opportunities to hold him accountable. There were two different Impeachment Processes presented in a 48 hr period and NOT word since then. There are measures that CAN and SHOULD BE TAKEN:

    US Code

    This preliminary release may be subject to further revision before it is released again as a final version. As with other online versions of the Code, the U.S. Code Classification Tables should be consulted for the latest laws affecting the Code. Those using the USCPrelim should verify the text against the printed slip laws available from GPO (Government Printing Office), the laws as shown on THOMAS(a legislative service of the Library of Congress), and the final version of the Code when it becomes available.

    Current through Pub. L. 112-90. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

    It can be filed through two entities:

    The Provost Marshall, and read below:
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

    Please delete my email address prior to forwarding and forward BCC

  9. upaces88 says:

    Redneck Woman I cannot agree with you more than 150%….
    I have been reading some of the posts on other blogs and people are fearful…Yes, FEARFUL in Our Own Country.
    Prior to this, we have all seen: disgust, disappointment, anxiety, grief due to Kennedy being murdered BUT NEVER FEAR of Our Own President and Our Own Government.

  10. Redneck Woman says:


    Yep, A firing Squad! His and moo chelle’s asses hauled out to the Rose Garden Wall, Obi chraged with Treason, found guilty….a volley of fire…he can appeal three days after he gets to Hell….

    BTW….there has been a “Special” Firing Squad for each President since 1783? There is a full company ready and waiting. Not only Obi …but also Congress, Senate, Obi’s administration and the Judiciary branch….all could face a firing squad once Obi has been found guilty.

  11. Paula Kennedy says:

    Bravo upaces88… well said

  12. tthan43 says:

    WELL….I know what most people in this country wishes would happen.

  13. upaces88 says:

    AND… The Moose should be put out on the street to do for herself… and should NEVER receive any $$ from the Federal Government for her part.

  14. upaces88 says:

    Impeachment is too kind. Impeachment is for Nixon and Clinton…. stupid ass crap of allowing their power to go to their heads… And, Please do NOT think for a moment that Clinton was impeached; and/or stepped down due to a damn stain on a dress.

    This man needs to be tried for Treason and placed in front of a firing squad. That is Justice.

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