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  1. As you know, Femininican is my alternate blog & not my main site ( but I just realized that my “reblog” button that shows up when I visit blogs allows me to easily post stuff directly to Femininican, so even when I am too ill to blog like I normally do (which is a LOT lately) at my main site (Zilla of the Resistance at, I can still contribute by using the “easy button” to re-blog stuff I find from my friends to Femininican, which I know some of you wonderful friends kept in your blogrolls even after I had largely stopped using it (thank you), so I’ll be using it a lot more now, while continuing to keep my main site for my regular blogging but using Femininican to re-blog stuff like your posts here at Boudica because like your friend above who commented, repetition of important things IS important!
    Thank you so much for the re-blog, Bob!

  2. upaces88 says:

    Yes, it is important….people do learn by repetition. I am embarrassed to tell this; however, it does emphasize what you just said to be an absolute.
    I started blogging on Yahoo Buzz. There was one guy, ‘MathewJ” who never said anything except a list concerning Obama:
    Where’s the birth certificate +
    College Records+
    Being a Muslim…. you know the rest of the list.
    and much more. I am embarrassed that it took so long to sink in. I mean, really! This is the United States of America. That DOES NOT HAPPEN HERE!
    That’s all he’d ever say!!!!! I’d get so frustrated!
    YET, I am sooo thankful to him that he had the guts to put that multiple times on every site!!!
    None of us…NONE OF US had the frame of reference in Our history to accept that even in our worst nightmares.

    SO YES, it is important to continue to repeat things.

  3. upaces88 says:

    Every day…every single day…our freedoms are being destroyed; and NO ONE is doing a thing about it! No one is speaking out for us, the citizens except on the blogs.

    • boudicabpi says:

      It’s important for all of the small blogs to repost and reblog. I reach a few and as we continue the reblogging it gives exposure to a wider audience.

      • upaces88 says:

        Of course it is..Even more so now!
        .Lately, I have had many of those “WTF-slapping-my-forehead-moments” when people are still hung on to “It’s Bush’s fault.” OR, “You voted him in!”
        It is happening so often that I have written a standard statement that I can copy and paste because I got tired of wasting my time sitting here “patiently typing in what happened, etc.”

        One of two things: Either they really haven’t kept up; OR we have a lot of paid bloggers from Craigs List.

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