Newt and a brokered convention.

Via our valued commentator Upaces


Hey…I just found out sumtin’….Romney doesn’t have a lock on those 1144 delegates! His big wins in New Hampshire and Conneticut?….they are soft delegates…which means at the Convention on the first vote they aren’t locked in to vote for him and can vote for whoever else they want!!! Romney only has around 900 hard delegates! These are locked in for the first vote…but if he can’t get his 1144 votes at the convention on the first ballot…then on the second vote….the delegates are released and can vote for whoever! There still is a chance for a brokered convention and for Newt to be declared the nominee!!!


Thanks to all of you for the update!! We of the tea party are still holding out for a brokered convention. A great many want Newt. We honestly believe Newt is the only candidate who possesses the knowledge, acumen, enough political INCORRECTNESS, facts and is conservative enough to defeat Obama. Romney is a Mr. Nice, Kind, Respectful, Polite and is painfully politically correct. This, like it was with McCain, will put Obama back in office. Obama will slaughter Romney when they go toe to toe just as he did with the Mr. Nice McCain.  We do not need a Mr. Nice. We need a brutal political ax murdering conservative, a person who is as politically INCORRECT as is allowed by law, a person who can destroy the master of lies, hidden agendas and smoke and mirror policies with a built-in political and historical databank to use against Obama. Truth and facts are the ONLY weapons that can defeat Obama. Obama is a malignancy hell bent on the destruction of this nation and all it stands for. While America may very well not be perfect and never will be, we have came a long way. It is said that you can please ALL the people part of the time or PART if the people all the time but not all the people all the time. It’s impossible. The conservatives need a super-heavy hitter. That’s not Romney. We realize this and that is the exact and very reason conservatives have not gotten behind Romney. It has nothing to do with his business practices. It has everything to do with our belief that he does not posses the ability  or the persona to do so. The conservatives of this nation absolutely must know this. Pray for a brokered convention. God bless and keep ALL of you.6

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4 Responses to Newt and a brokered convention.

  1. upaces88 says:


  2. upaces88 says:

    Actually, I have to give the credit to Red Neck Woman. She sent me that. Sooo, I had to run over here and share it.

    So many people have given up. I was just on Jonolan,’s site. and it seem most people have given up.
    HOWEVER, IF Newt does have a Brokered Convention…I feel certain he will win. However!!! IF Romney wins…I will stay on every blog site being hateful and mean: “You could have stopped this..and YOU allowed them to shove Romney up your ass. And, every time I see you on a blog pissin’ & moanin”, I WILL REMIND you that you did NOT join in the Hell Raising with us for allowing Romney to be “chosen FOR US.”
    So There! Put that in your pipe and smoke it YOU whining-cowardly- idiots!

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