Excellent, almost all agreed that you should have ID to vote.

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Does the man on the street think he should show an ID to vote? MRCTV’s Dan Joseph hits the streets of downtown Washington D.C. to question black citizens on voter ID laws. Funny how the liberal media hasn’t taken the time to do this….

The fight against voter identification is a distraction not to mention flawed.  

There is nothing that can be achieved in this country without proper identification.  

Besides corrupt politicians, those who oppose the presentation of proper identification are either in the country illegally, fugitives, thugs and/or have something to hide.  That would include such registrants as Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney, Donald Duck and the deceased.  

Most Americans agree that voter identification is necessary and not racist.

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  1. JC says:

    Only the liberal regressive progressive democrats think that is it “racist” to require a picture ID to vote. Now ask yourself why is that? Because getting an ID requires thought and purposeful action on the part of the person getting the ID…and they cannot have that because they rely on lazy, mindless, woe is me types to vote for them. It is their base that have the mentality of victimhood and money for doing nothing types that will always vote for those they think will “give” them more. Easily done until the tipping point where there are more takers than makers…and folks we are at that piont. Only 49% pay taxes here in America…we are at the tipping point indeed, and with BHO/Lucifer at the helm it will only get worse. Good bye America what you once were…you now are not…and the future looks dismal.

    • upaces88 says:

      These people either want to get away with something; WANT to find a reason to bitch because they have something to hide; OR they are illegal. There is NOTHING Racist about expecting everyone to have an ID.
      * To operate an automobile.
      * To register a vehicle.
      * To open a bank account.
      * To purchase or lease a house,condo,or apartment.
      * To obtain a loan for a mortgage,car or anything else of substance.
      * To start a job (needed for government reporting requirements).
      * To apply for government aid or benefits,such as unemployment,social security,etc.
      * To play or coach an organized sport,such as Little League.
      * To be an adult leader in a Boy/Girl Scout Troop.
      * To enter the military.
      * To board an airplane or ship.
      * To visit a foreign country.
      * To purchase a gun.
      * To make an in-store purchase using a check.
      * To purchase alcohol.
      * To visit a school campus,college,or company.
      * To serve on a jury.
      * To obtain a library card.
      * To deposit garbage in the local dump.

      • JC says:

        Exactly…and these are things that no matter the age, gender, race, creed that all participate in some form or another. So what is the big deal in producing an ID to vote. Just another non issue that the democrats use to foment the falsehood of racism in America.

        • upaces88 says:

          JC, do you know what it reminds me of? If anyone has had teenagers in their lives, they have excuses for EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter what it is…they take everything Personally; and/or fight about anything “the authority figure” says.

          Turn it around….(we cannot do this)..However, .IF we did turn it around and make it a law NO ONE HAS to HAVE AN ID…they’d bitch then too!

          Minorities have become Attention whores. That is a very rough way to put it… but it is the truth. NAME ONE CITY in the USA that has a predominately black leadership…the city is falling to its knees.

          In Dallas, TX, since affirmative action? It is no longer a city of prosperity, success and a city who can claim NO RACISM.
          The BLACKS still are extremely racist towards whites.
          The leadership is corrupt. And,this is true of all cities (notice I did say “ALL” cities, if you have the time or inclination to research the crime rate vs. the leaders of the city…..you’ll see what I am talking about.


          • upaces88 says:

            Remember George Bush’s statement of the “Trickle down effect”? The behavior of the citizens can be the reflection that comes from the top.

  2. upaces88 says:

    This is ONLY disagreed when someone has something to hide.
    I don’t know of anyone except illegals (of all nationalities) who might not have a::
    1) Social Security card
    2) Birth Certificate
    3) Driver’s license

    This argument is for those who are already either in trouble with the law and/or are illegal.

    It is stupid that we are even having to continue this conversation for how many years now?

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