Why does Jesus Offend so many

Published on Jun 9, 2012 by

Why does Jesus Offend so many, the name Jesus Christ is offensive, God is the creator, who is Jesus, Jesus in politics, Obama does not like Jesus, he died for sins, the Son of God, God so loved the world, the Lamb of God, Bill Maher

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5 Responses to Why does Jesus Offend so many

  1. upaces88 says:

    There that man is again!
    Especially Muslims are offended because Jesus taught “love one another.” Jesus didn’t say, only love them if OBEY you; and if they don’t kill them!
    I received this video in my inbox and I am ashamed to say, I really didn’t want to watch it. I am so glad I did.

    This is an amazing video. A Muslim is approached by Jesus Christ in visions as well as Real Life. He accepts his hand and becomes a Christian. His own Family tried to kill him; yet, Christ kept him alive.

    The above mission statement of Jesus was transcribed from the video, “This Muslim Kept Dreaming About Jesus!” I would urge each of you this day if you have not seen the video to take the next 45 minutes to watch this awesome and powerful testimony.

  2. genomega1 says:

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    Why does Jesus Offend so many

  3. genomega1 says:

    O like all communists is a classic psychopath.

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