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New page on Boudica BPI 6/11/2012

“T&S Dreamers, Schemers & Reamers: Letter to Warren Buffett” Alexis Ainsworth Letter to Warren Buffett Part I Letter to Warren Buffett Part II Leave a comment

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Originally posted on WarSclerotic:
Syria’s scuds on alert | The Sunday Times. Assad regime flexes its muscles as a warning to neighbours Uzi Mahnaimi Published: 10 June 2012 Scud missiles can have a range of 440 miles and are able…

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Originally posted on The Rugged Individualist:
Among the “bailouts” the one for which the Obama administration is happy to take credit is the GM bailout. Forget that it turned a century of bankruptcy law on its head and flagrantly favored…

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Obama should have been retired 3+ years ago. Despite all the signs, too many didn’t see.

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Don’t Let Freedom Die!

IMAGINE how you will feel 24 Hours after Barack Obama is announced to be Reelected to a 2nd Term. LET that feeling find residence deep within your heart. Then Resolve this night to Fight, not Faint! If NOT NOW WHEN? … Continue reading

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