We’ve been in a “Constitutional Crisis” since Obama’s election and Holders appointment and confirmation as Attorney General.

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  1. Bob Mack says:

    The only thing Holder et al know about the Constitution is that they’ve never read it.

    • upaces88 says:

      Bob, more than likely, he has read just enough to KNOW what parts will stop he and Obama.
      Both of them want to Write their own laws or rather delete laws that they could/can be held accountable.

  2. upaces88 says:

    NOW! He WANTS the Constitution!!!?
    He might try reading it….he’ll have to retrieve it from Obama.
    Obama has been using it as a “poo poo” pad for his dog.

  3. So nice to have a man of real character heading up the Justice dept, eh? Like nails down a chalk board!

    • upaces88 says:

      He helps Obama run us like a 3rd world country. Unless the numbers have changed over the past couple of week…the USA was numbered 37 on the freedom index of the entire world.

  4. upaces88 says:

    The Constitution is the ONE issue that has been in his way and he has done and will continue to do everything he can to destroy it. And, all of those who refuse to stop him are complicit and will suffer the same consequences.

    Illinois Man Stands up! “Let My People Go!” Criticizing House for Giving Obama all of the Power

  5. muse1876 says:

    I agree. Remember you can’t waste a good crisis. Or something like. I hope he goes down in flames and takes all the administration with him!

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