Obama vs Mitt- Obama must go

Obama vs Mitt – Obama must go, $16 trillion, Obama is a communist, Obama is a socialist, stopping a dictator

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2 Responses to Obama vs Mitt- Obama must go

  1. Questionman says:

    Did anybody read the disgusting crap Klansmans dustytoothpick, Glenn47, and nolozon wrote. Those three are pathetic racist bigots. the rest are just pathetic. The racist right has been using fear-mongering for the last three years, and it worked.

    Obama does NOT hate the Jewish people..half of his administration is Jewish. You hate the black man in office!

    Yes, being black has insulted every racist in the country, kind of rubbing the 21st century in their face.

    The Soviets didnt practice Marxism, nor has anything Obama has done remotely resembled Marxism. He is NOT a Marxist.

    Its very easy to see which one of you abstract professors listen to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News or Ed Schutz and MSNBC. Not a single one of you have made any attempt to think about the inter-connectedness of the global economy and how Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world impacts the American economy.

    Is it not scandalous that you use mid-90s statistics when America was the world’s manufacutring powerhouse to compare a recovery of the 2010s when financial engineers at Wall Street run America and decide where the few manufactures left cite their factories?

    Even if English is your first language, don’t you think you need some basic knowledge and a fair mind to make sensible comments on hot-button issues, unless you are simply one of the many haters for whom a combination of Obama’s good fortune (or hardwork) and skin colour are mortal sins?

    , President Obama is NOT destroying America. Just undoing
    lots of GOP damage created under Bush!

    Barack Obama is a Democrat not a Marxist – he does not believe that society is split into two great hostile camps and so on. stupid racists!

    your party is nothing but anti american and traitor to the
    core, not Obama!

    Show us the TREASON! It is a serious thing to accuse the President of treason. I challenge you to put up your case on here, showing just what grounds for treason you find.

    If this President were actually doing something that equates to treason, it would be the DUTY of responsible persons in the Congress to bring an impeachment action against him on grounds of treason. They have not done so, which means either that there are no grounds for such an action, notwithstanding the unexplicated and reckless assertions of disordered and ignorant persons such as YOU!

    The mind of the right winger is very low on intelligence and easily manipulated. That’s why the far right propaganda outlets spread the “Obama is a marxist/socialist/communist” garbage.
    Anyone with even basic knowledge of history knows these accusations are completely asinine, but the simpleton right winger doesn’t care. If their propaganda masters tell them it’s truth, then it is.

    Obama is NOT a muslim, you bigoted POS. Again I was right. Anyone who hates Obama are full blown racists that can’t stand that a black man is President of the United States…Mike Lupica AND the yahoo report was right!

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