More good news for unemployed American citizens…

…from Obama. Up to 800,000 illegal aliens allowed to stay and get work permits. Obama screws the American citizen in favor of illegal immigrants.

In a fascist move by a failing campaign, Obama institutes amnesty for illegals with many provisions from the Dream Act which failed to pass congress. Department of homeland security has decided to stop deporting illegals and provide work permits to illegal aliens who meet certain criteria similar to Dream Act provisions.

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2 Responses to More good news for unemployed American citizens…

  1. upaces88 says:

    Just hide and watch…he will GIVE the 80,000 Muslims the right to vote also…you know, the ones who chose to save from the Middle East OVER saving the Christians.

    IF you haven’t seen this video yet… is astounding and we have no choices anymore….I hate sayin’ it…we cannot deport the millions who are already here. I tried to take notes as you will read below and couldn’t keep up. “IF” the video won’t work– copy and paste the video title and get it from You Tube. As of Yesterday…it was still there.
    Please listen to all of the video.
    Reagan gave amnesty to 3,000,000 and it has multiplied into 25 Million+ demanding amnesty and Immigration reform;
    WE are not having immigration — we are have “migration” means — physical movement from one place to another;
    Estimate of what we do know: for every illegal we catch…10 get through;
    If we catch 1,000,000 a year 10,000,000 get through;
    250,000 in Arizona alone in a year. 1,000,000 in the entire U.S.
    10,000,000 a year get through;
    Children? As many as 50-70 Million 20% of our population… = “Invasion is more appropriate”
    22 Billion on welfare each year to Illegals;
    2.2 Billion free lunches, wick and free school lunches; NO ENGLISH
    17 Billion education of American born
    3 MILLION a day to incarcerate crime rate of …….
    90 Billion welfare and social services
    Total cost of deportation $30 Billion over 5 years
    30% are crime breakers in prison
    $200 Billion spent on them.
    $340 Billion a year

    CHANGE OF CONSTITUTION…….is mentioned — We will be out voted by those who drain the system, take over our country and it is too late.
    I typed as fast as I could and couldn’t keep up. The video did talk about the Terrorists that come through Mexico and learn to speak Spanish
    and blend in as Mexicans to sell dope and weapons.

  2. muse1876 says:

    He did this because he needs the votes. People think of only Mexican illegals, it is ALL nationalities. The job this arse is doing is making America “a has been.” He needs to be voted out.

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