NYC Parade?

The Kitchen Cabinet

The best line of the week? A New York bystander was talking to NYPD officer last evening when he saw a lot of limousines, cops, and barricades blocking traffic in Manhattan. People in wild outfits walking on the sidewalk. The pedestrian asked, “Is there a PARADE?” Policeman: “No The President’s here. Sarah Jessica Parker’s apartment for dinner.”

That’s the problem with the Obama campaign…it’s not a CAMPAIGN, with issues, a record, and a vision. It’s a PARADE of out of touch celebrities, dinner competitions, clowns in wildly expensive outfits on…..parade.

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1 Response to NYC Parade?

  1. JC says:

    Stupidity on parade…evil on the march…the vapid voting for the vainglorious…call it what you will…I see only the death knell for the USA.

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