Many voters, on both sides of the aisle, get very squeamish when they hear things like “Obama is a Marxist” or “Obama is turning American into a socialist nation”.

Why get squeamish, it’s the truth.

Right Hook

Many voters, on both sides of the aisle, get very squeamish when they hear things like “Obama is a Marxist” or “Obama is turning America into a socialist nation”.  It can come across as extreme or conspiratorial, and frankly, Americans just don’t want to believe that their president is a bad guy who is fighting against everything we believe in and wants to destroy America as we know it.

Unfortunately, that is indeed the situation we’re facing in this country.  Obama was admittedly raised under heavy Marxist influence, and as time goes by, and Obama continues to implement destructive policies, sometimes bypassing Congress to do so, we are seeing more and more signs of his true Marxist core.  He promised in 2008 to “fundamentally transform” America.  If he truly loved this country, why would he want to transform it?  Wouldn’t he want to preserve or restore it?  And just what…

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  1. upaces88 says:

    One would think that the black population would realize that this man is making a mockery of them. They were SOLD OUT by their own kind in Africa and slaves in the the Middle East long before the U.S. had slaves.
    Some of the young blacks are joining Islam…the very ones who took them also as slaves. Obama is a Muslim. Haven’t they figured anything out yet?

    • righthook38 says:

      I can’t begin to understand it. I always use Detroit as the perfect example. It was a thriving city in the 50’s under Republican leadership. Beginning in 1962, they began exclusively electing Democrat mayors and the city has been in steady decline since that time. Now the average home is worth $6000, with many homes selling for as little as $500. Unemployment is officially at 30%, but real unemployment is estimated at 50%. That’s staggering. Schools are closing. High school drop out rates are through the roof. Entire city blocks are being demolished. Crime is running rampant. Yet, they continue to vote for liberal Democrats who do nothing but make empty promises. At what point do they wake up and realize it’s time for a change?

  2. righthook38 says:

    Thanks for the repost!

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