More on Fast and Furious and Obama administration lies on Wide Receiver!

Rush Limbaugh explains the difference between Wide Receiver and Fast & Furious

Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Follow the Ideology

President Obama personally inserted himself into the Fast & Furious gun walking scandal after he extended executive privilege over certain DOJ documentation. Was the Fast & Furious a botched scandal, or a deliberate effort to undermine the Second Amendment? Find out as Bill Whittle explores the ideological motives behind the Fast & Furious scandal.

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2 Responses to More on Fast and Furious and Obama administration lies on Wide Receiver!

  1. Roy Mcdade says:

    What we MUST keep in the forefront of our minds is the ABSOLUTE FACT that this is the most criminally corrupt administration in this Great Nations history. They ONLY have one ideallogical goal.. “SOCIALISM/ COMMUNISM”. Everything they do is towards implementing this goal, at ANY Cost, with NO HOLDS BARRED. People think this is politics, Left vs. Right, Dem. vs. Repub…. WRONG…THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH…. BEING UNDER A COMMUNISTIC DICTATOR OR FREE UNDER A REPUBLIC….You are reading Words, words make sense, so I will give these words consideration….. WAKE UP.. THESE WORDS ARE YOUR AND YOUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE. YOU MUST FIGHT AGAINST SOETERO/OBAMA, WHAT THEY REPRESENT WITH EVERY FIBER OF YOUR BODY AND SOUL….. AS IF YOUR WHOLE FUTURE IS AT STAKE>>>> BECAUSE IT IS……

  2. upaces88 says:

    Two American Border Agents….why are they forgetting about Zapatta (did I spell that right)? Oh! Rush just mentioned him.

    Watergate? What does Watergate have to do with this? Watergate NEVER murdered innocent Mexicans; nor did it have anything to do with THE attempt to set up Americans to lose their rights!

    Most Magicians use slight (sp) of hand to amaze the onlookers. Obama uses illegal devices to take our attention away from his REAL motives of taking the Guns away from U.S. Citizens. Man! This really backfired on him. American citizens understand the responsibility own owning guns while a sitting top cop and a president have shown clearly they are NOT responsible. They had NO intentions of doing anything about drugs, or guns in Mexico.

    They REALLY underestimate the intelligence of the American People.

    Due to this administration, gun sales soared at an all time high during Christmas.


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