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Good Morning,

If you are like me you spent a great deal of time reading ‘other’ opinions; listening to TV pundits give their ‘opinion’’ and went to bed more aggravated, confused, hopeful, and sad with the ruling on Obamacare. Upon the sun rising, I read my inbox filled with even more opinions.

I am a glass is half full kind of gal but this pitch being spread around that Justice Roberts did us a great favor yesterday is a bit much to swallow. The facts are this: With OCare being found Constitutional as a tax – it will prove O to be a liar (2008 – “If you make less than $250,000, I promise, you will not see one dime in new taxes”). Last time I checked – almost every time this president opens his mouth – he’s lying – yet his support remains strong – so to say that…

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  1. roymcdade says:


    • upaces88 says:

      Roy, I do know…and I am very bitter and angry about it.
      There are 3 ways we can lose.
      1) Obama STEALS IT
      2) Obama “allows” or causes a false flag event and calls Martial Law);
      3) Romney gets in –and he is even more dangerous because he is much more “stealth” than Obama.

      We already have 54 politicians who receive $ from CAIR and other Muslims.
      He even spoke out FOR installing an Islamic Charter School.

      See the pattern? Either one of them will end the country.

      The ONLY two who spoke out strongly against having any association with Islam at all were Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachman….and they were handily and readily dismissed.
      The Media aided in the dismissal of Bachman by making fun of her.

  2. roymcdade says:

    Upaces88, What people don’t understand is that this IS OUR LAST ELECTION to alter this Socialist Course people like Soros have chosen for us..Everyone has this idea that if they ignore soetero that IN TIME he will go on his way and we will then continue on our protected paths of see/speak/hear no evil…..NOTHING CAN BE ANY FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH….WHETHER YOU CAN HANDLE THIS FACT OR NOT, THIS IS OUR LAST ELECTION TO THROW THOSE BASTA*** OUT OF OFFICE…….EACH AND EVERY INCUMBENT, REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCAT, NO EXCEPTIONS.. PERIOD… So people what are you going to do ? CONTINUE TO SIT AROUND LIKE SHEEPLE AND HAVE A LYING DICTATOR RUNNING YOUR LIVES ? OR OR YOU GOING TO GET OFF YOUR ASS** AND START LOOKING FOR SOME REAL CONGRESS PEOPLE WHO WILL BE REAL CONSERVATIVES…..

    • upaces88 says:

      Roy.., I that is why I get so frustrated when people fiddle-fart around “rah rahing Romney”… I get so angry when I read, “Well, now we jist have taa vote him out…I get so worn out (as others do as well) warning them; giving the the “baby-step” method of what is happening ONLY to have it shoved right back in our faces!
      I do NOT know how they continue to watch what is going on and put it together. IF we allow this to go on… one of two things will happen ending in the same result.
      1) Obama will win due to fraud and LOCK THE U.S.DOWN SO TIGHT no one will be able to get out OR in.
      2) Romney wins and it will be more stealth…with the same end result….He is the NWO man they want in.

      This man, Romney, who “seems” so neat and clean KNEW there were threats of violence perpetrated on anyone who didn’t get behind him. Did he stop it? Nooooo.

      It doesn’t matter if you were or were NOT for Newt Gingrich. What DOES matter is he had THE REAL SHOT at keeping our Country OUR COUNTRY.
      An d, whether you are for or against Bachman, she DID light the fire for a Brokered Convention for “more people to jump in to Run for President. This WILL BE THE LAST SHOT for the USA to have a Republic without Military intervention.

  3. roymcdade says:

    Romney is a liberal in every sense of the word. Hell, he is the father of romneycare… and the signature for obamacare. As I see it , if We The People are going to have even a fighting chance of saving this Republic, we MUST VOTE EACH AND EVERY INCUMBENT, REPUB and Dem, OUT OF OFFICE..PERIOD.. NO EXCEPTIONS..AND replace them tried and true Conservatives who are not afraid to stand up and be counted…….

    • upaces88 says:

      I cannot tell you how many times I have been blasted for stating the facts about Romney.
      “well, why do you have to tell us everything he has done?”

      Huh? I wanted them to know so they would pull their guts together and make a lot of noise….he is NOT the right man for the WH anymore than Obama is…yet they have been shoving him down our throats from the very beginning of the first “fraud” poll created by Soros.

      The ONLY chance we have is for someone else to break in with a Brokered Convention; and that is a long shot…HOWEVER, it is OUR last shot.

  4. upaces88 says:

    First Romney said, “ObamaCare is nothing to get all mad about.” Now he is changing?

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