Great anti-Obama ad

President Obama’s Excuses

Republican Party of Nelson County, KY

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7 Responses to Great anti-Obama ad

  1. muse1876 says:

    I hate to say it upaces, I believe there are many that believe his load of crap. We need to get out how much this HC bill will cost middle-class and the poor. People are leaving this country sick of what they are seeing him do to their country. Bet he couldn’t save his home country of Kenya.

    • upaces88 says:

      He would do the same thing FOR Himself in Kenya he is doing here…make himself King!
      I just got this in….
      Remember the article that we have the Russian Military performing exercises at Pearl Harbor?
      Add this to it. Do you remember when he told Putin’s man, I’ll be more flexible after the election?

      Now I just got this in!
      Americans are being prepared for full spectrum tyranny.

      • muse1876 says:

        I read that a few days ago. I think I posted it to another site. We, my friend, cannot let this muslim do this. Why are we making it so easy? I know that we have too many muslims in power, but damn where are the Americans in the Congress are they all muslim sympathizers?

        • upaces88 says:

          WE aren’t making it easy. HE is making it easy; and no one in the House or the Senate is stopping him. Our entire government is so corrupt now, we really DO need to start all over again. “54” of the politicians in D.C. receive $$ from CAIR and other types like them. We DO have laws against receiving any foreign $$….the Logan Act.
          They don’t care and they do know!
          One of two things is going to happen, they will succeed because the Military will wait too late to be able to do anything about it; or, the Military will stop it.

          My doubt comes in because the Military always works to do things thing right way, and it is my fear they will wait too late.
          It needs to be done NOW! Yes, before the elections. By then it will be too late.

          • muse1876 says:

            I believe that there are many closet muslims in the military and they are waiting for the signal to act. I am hoping the we also have covert closet muslims that believe in this country. Obastard wants to gut our military to make it easier for the muslims to act.

            • upaces88 says:

              I would NOT doubt it at all!
              I am so exasperated that I can’t think of anything productive to add.

  2. upaces88 says:

    It’s Bush’s fault.
    Does he reallllly think anyone believes this crap!

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