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Libya, nice going Obama you community organizing POS!

Your meddling in Libya has accomplished what you are trying to do here in the US. You have never been anything but a rabble rouser dividing people. You accomplished that in Libya and there is chaos. You are as bad … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Socialism is not the Answer:
Knowledge Creats Power Just when you think it can’t get any crazier… This is a perfect example of what happens when people do not stand-up.  We are no safer now than we…

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Obama has done more damage to our nation in 3 1/2 years than in all of it’s previous history. NOBAMA 2012!

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Originally posted on That Mr. G Guy's Blog:
From our friends at Finding Ponies; A long time ago I wrote “Last exit to Utopia” – a book by the same title is by the author Jean-Francois Revel I am…

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Originally posted on The Differences of US….. Move US to Think:
  The federal agency responsible for administering civilian foreign aid is now hiring workers to combat negative news media and promote positive spin about its Afghanistan operations. The U.S. Agency for…

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