Read the entire post at warsclerotic. PressTV is a branch of the Iranian Government per Joseph Wouk of warsclerotic and gives the Iranian governments thinking.



PressTV – Iran capable of easily routing Israeli military.

( Forgive me.  I just couldn’t resist this headline. – JW )

Members of the Iranian Army
Members of the Iranian Army’s Ground Force academy perform during a graduation ceremony in Tehran November 10, 2011.
While the mainstream news is filled with stories about Syria and the expected downfall of the Assad regime or the new government in Egypt, the alternative press has been talking about Iran invasion.

There are serious issues, two in particular.
1. There is no reasonable proof that Iran has a nuclear weapons program and, to the contrary, vast proof that their current program can never yield weapons grade uranium. We have this from Clinton Bastin, a Veterans Today staffer and one of America’s top nuclear weapons designers for decades. Bastin says the IAEA inspectors, some he knows personally, have no weapons experience and are unqualified.

2. There is…

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