Political Correctness And Multiculteralism, Death Of A Nation!

We have here in America the benefit of many wake up calls coming from Europe about the dangers of Islam but too many here refuse to heed them. We are being led down the same path and it is national suicide.

What Islamic Britain Looks Like

LONDON – Britain’s top judge says the nation should allow Islamic Sharia law. The head of the Church of England said something similar.
Consequently, police dogs might have to wear booties when they search Muslim homes to avoid offending Muslims who believe dogs are unclean. And Britain’s Home Secretary has decided Islamic terrorism should be re-named “anti-Islamic activity.”
In the modern British politically correct state, multiculturalism runs amok. And the government persecutes and suppresses British culture and tradition, while allowing hate and injustice within radical Islam to flourish.
There is a real fear of Muslims in Britain that is far different than in America, and the headlines here sometimes make it look as if capitulation to Islam is inevitable.
It’s somewhat astonishing that in a nation of 60 million people, a few million Muslims could cause so much concern. Critics of the government say that’s because the nation’s politically correct leaders are still hesitant to tackle the issue head on.
The government has made so-called “hate speech,” illegal, but it also depends on who is doing the hating. When one group of British citizens protested the Mohammed cartoons at the Danish embassy in London in 2006, they expressed their allegiance to Osama bin Laden, and called for beheadings and nuclear attacks against Denmark Britain and America. Yet British police arrested no one, until there was a public uproar.
Compare that to when Britain’s Channel 4 Dispatches program exposed violent rhetoric in local mosques. British police initially decided to charge – not the radical imams who were promoting violence and bigotry – but the news program that did the report, for allegedly stirring up racial hatred.
And it could be argued that Britain’s commitment to ethnic diversity cost one woman her life.
Banaz Mahmod’s family tried repeatedly to kill her because she left an arranged marriage and allegedly stained the family honor, so Banaz recorded a video account from a hospital bed the first time her family tried to kill her.

She also went to British police several times asking for help. They ignored her, because police thought they should respect “ethnic diversity” and not get involved. Banaz was finally murdered by her father and uncle, stuffed in a suitcase and buried in a backyard.

Speaking Out
A surge in honor violence is only one result of the government’s policy of respecting ethnic diversity and bowing to Islam. Gina Khan is a national spokeswoman against honor violence and Islamic radicalism. She left an abusive arranged marriage, and because she speaks out against radical Islam, she has been forced to move to a secret location.
“You’re at risk, if you speak out. You can be attacked. I’m aware of that. But there comes a time when silence becomes a guilt, a sin,” Khan said. ” I spoke out because I believe that people in the community that I moved out of are in denial about jihadism and yet it’s happening all under their noses. In fact, I think people know what’s happening and are afraid to speak out. ”
When former drug dealer and now born again Christian Paul Ray wrote in his blog that the Muslim drug gangs in his hometown of Luton were “savages,” he was arrested on suspicion of a hate crime.
“It’s ok for the Muslims to do what they’re doing, and no one arrests them, but then if we start saying and disagreeing with what’s actually happening, then we’re breaching community cohesion and we get arrested for it,” he explained.
Ray fled Britain after this interview, because of threats against his life from Muslim gangs.
Whole sections of Britain are now considered dangerous “no-go zones” for non-Muslims.
Sally McNamara is at the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation.
“When you have a government which is so hampered by political correctness, that they’re unwilling to assert national values of tolerance, of rule of law, of human rights, of women’s rights… then you’re creating mixed messages where you’re saying the extremists can flourish,” she said.
“One of the worst things that is happening in England is that people are being ignored,” Stephen Gash said.
Gash helps lead a grassroots group called SIOE, Stop the Islamization of Europe, which has a chapter in Britain
“They’re discriminating against the majority people in Europe now in favor of the Islamists and Muslims.” he added. “The way we’re going, we’re going to be taken back to the stoning age. That’s what’s going to happen to this country.”
But at least one study shows that most British Muslims don’t want sharia law. A lot of British Muslims came here to escape it. Yet it might be foisted on them anyway by political leaders.
It’s clear that multiculturalism and political correctness have backfired badly.

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3 Responses to Political Correctness And Multiculteralism, Death Of A Nation!

  1. ron says:

    Political correctness is nothing more than a tool to bring down the world we know!

  2. roymcdade says:

    Thanks Everyone I Will Pass This On….

  3. upaces88 says:

    This is THE MOST important article I have ever read. I asked for copy right permission to upload this article in its entirety.
    This is only an excerpt; however, please read the entire article.

    Crucify Political Correctness on the Altar of Freedom of Speech
    The West will either reject the logic of Political Correctness or suffer a catastrophic failure of vision, will, power and influence, destroying civil society as we know it. This may sound drastic, and of course it is. But why is it being claimed here? Because the ideas in the doctrines of Political Correctness and related notions like Multiculturalism are so destructive that—much like magma—these cannot long be held safely before spilling over and causing tremendous damage, chaos and destruction of our society.

    The reason it must be eliminated is because Political Correctness is a Trojan horse for Marxism, which always destroys everything it touches. PC is a curse which must be denounced before it mangles its host society, especially since it is the very opposite of Free Speech. More importantly, individual responsibility is eliminated by PC standards which make irrelevant personal morality. This is the subject of this essay.

    I. Definition of Political Correctness

    Political Correctness (PC) is shorthand for an ideology which implies ethical or moral superiority for various positions which challenge traditional morality. TheFreedictionary.com defines PC as

    1. Of, relating to, or supporting broad social, political, and educational change, especially to redress historical injustices in matters such as race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

    PC has become, in practice, a set of standards by which communication is purified from unacceptable content. But PC has also deeply affected public policy and law, and ultimately ideas about morality, itself. For example, against the longstanding notion of the right of free expression, even thinking many forbidden thoughts would break PC norms. And for this reason, PC has evolved from being rules for “sensitivity” training into a set of un-breachable social mores.

    Continue Reading:
    By Kelly O’Connell


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