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Meet the Wonderful “Wings Over Wendy’s” Crew

For the past ten years, a group of military veterans have met each Monday morning to share a bite to eat and swap war stories at a Los Angeles-area Wendy’s fast-food restaurant. Initially starting with just two veterans — both airmen who served in World War II — the “Wings Over Wendy’s” (WOW) crew has grown to include more than 100 veterans from all branches of the Armed Forces.

On a recent Monday, WOW member Jan Begg (pictured, left) shared a poem he had written about his comrades. We heard about it when friend Karen Vegtel sent us the following email describing the scene:

One of the W.W.II veterans who attends the Wings Over Wendy’s meetings wrote a poem about the group. It is outstanding and I would like to share it with you.

The veteran’s name is Jan Begg. Jan uses a…

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