I wish he would just go away. And take Bitchelle and his 2 zambo’s with him.

The Mad Jewess


In my opinion…Anyone that supports this absolute disaster of a human deserves to ‘up and die.’  Obama is a plague.  He’s a walking disease.  A Restaurant owner died after she served Obama (Oh well, boo-hoo, she loved him, and then died.)    Take a hint, folks.  

He is a CURSE!

An Obama campaign worker just died, too.  Stupid Obama-bot, mongrel-hordes are fainting all around him.  Idiots.  If you want to even LIVE, stay away from this satanic, psychopathic lunatic.  We don’t even have to tell you what’s going on with this clown-ass….!! People are dying, felling ill and fainting around him.  He has an evil spirit. Some weird demon.  

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  1. roymcdade says:

    I am not willing to give this imposter anything he hasn’t earned. There is nothing mystical about soetero other than his ability to Lie, Steal, Break promises and not having any person in the Legal System willing to prosecute him… Oh yes, I keep forgetting that the Legal System consists of ATTORNEYS, And we ALL know how well attorneys have treated this Country as politicians….

  2. mjdar says:

    Bob… I wish liberals would go to his campaigns and drop dead.

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