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It’s enough to make you sick. No sooner had the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act than scam artists began working the phones. They say they’re from the government and that, using the Affordable Care Act as a hook, they need to verify some information. They might have the routing number from your bank, and then use that information to get you to reveal the entire account number. Or, they’ll ask for your credit card or Social Security number, Medicare ID, or other personal information.

The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, advises consumers not to give out personal or financial information in response to unsolicited phone calls, emails, or knocks on your door. Scam artists want your information to commit identity theft, charge your existing credit cards, debit your checking account, open new credit card, checking, or savings accounts, write fraudulent checks, or…

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  1. roymcdade says:

    What is one more criminal violation when your whole life has been nothing but lies, cheating and corruption……

  2. roymcdade says:

    WHAT ?? You mean he took $$ from foreign countries…?? I wonder what the Republicans are doing about regulating donations ?? THE SPANISH COMPANY OWNED BY SOROS TO COUNT THE ELECTION VOTES ?? Or, Maybe the offshoots of ACORN who are gearing for Donald Duck to vote inumerable times, or, maybe ALL the DEAD VOTERS, or, dogs or ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS… soereo is such a LIAR AND TYPICAL CHICAGO- PUNK POLITICIAN….

    • upaces88 says:

      The Logan Act makes it illegal.
      Even the company in Spain (owned by George Soros) is illegal also…not that it makes much difference to Obama. His attitude is, “Whadda they gonna do about it? NAdDA.”

      It was the Saudi(s) who paid for his education (that part was okay); however, it was also the Saudi $ behind him getting president in the first place. You haven’t seen the list of his donors have you? Nope, and you won’t.

      Get this…Fox is owned by Murdock (and the Saudi(s) own 40% of stock also.

      • roymcdade says:

        This is why Fox news is refusing to cover the soetero eligiblity, IT’S MOVING LEFT…. CONTROLLING THE MSM…..

        • upaces88 says:

          The very last time we had a news media that did give us ALL of the information on ALL of the candidates was when Bush Boy was running for president. There was a man on WFAA TV/ Fort Worth, TX who gave Bush’s Military Career. Bush crashed a plane when he was drunk. He seldom showed up for Formation; yet because of who his daddy was… you know the rest.
          The man was fired from the network; and couldn’t find another job. I have seen him in bit parts in movies. The last one I saw was “In the Electric Mist” with Tommy Lee Jones. He played the part of a cop.

          EVER SINCE THEN, the Media reports AT THE NEWS NOT the real news! It was the Media’s responsibility to give us all of the information on all of the candidates.

          They haven’t just failed us…they have betrayed us! The AP wire goes to every network; and every network received the information about obama’s background…ALL OF IT!!!

  3. upaces88 says:

    Obviously, he either doesn’t know about the Logan Act OR ignores it! IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO OBTAIN FOREIGN $$ FOR A CAMPAIGN.

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