Callers React to Obama’s Treasonist Gun Ban Treaty

Published on Jul 16, 2012 by

Today on this LIVE Sunday edition, Alex Jones takes aim at the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, part of a larger effort to sabotage the 2nd Amendment with international firearms regulations. Alex plays a special report uncovering the UN’s history of gun control, and how Fast & Furious was staged to pass the UN Gun Treaty– by blaming the flow of illicit guns south to Mexico. Meanwhile, American troops have been trained and acclimated to occupying the U.S. and seizing guns– Hurricane Katrina remains a startling reminder that confiscation really can happen here. And as history shows, gun control has really paved the way for democide (death by governments) which has killed hundreds of millions. In other news, Alex has caught the Pentagon again in using sock puppets to deny photographic proof of military spray operations reported in the media. While CBS Miami had already covered the spraying of pesticides to kill mosquitoes over major cities in Florida, cyber-trolls working as part of a psyop do everything they can to counter discussion of the report. Alex also discusses the shutdown of taxpayer funded roads in Austin and other nearby public facilities that has been planned for the upcoming Formula One race in November. Your calls and comments are welcome.
[special report uncovering the UN’s history of gun control, and how Fast & Furious was staged to pass the UN Gun Treaty]
In an Infowars Nightly News special report, Aaron Dykes examines the long-standing United Nations agenda to disarm populations.

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2 Responses to Callers React to Obama’s Treasonist Gun Ban Treaty

  1. upaces88 says:

    Only those who want to rule as dictators would even consider this…AND EVERYONE IN THE USA knows that!

  2. roymcdade says:

    Our right to carry, even possess, a firearm will soon be so severely restriCcted, and eventually, made illegal, ARE ON THE WAY OUT.. You think not, How about Habeus Corpus, The first, Fourth, eigth, tenth (and those I’m NOT aware of) Amendments. Think again. Even if we are so lucky (?) to have Romney elected WHAT WILL PREVENT HIM FROM FLIP-FLOPPING ON EVERYTHING HE HAS ALREADY FLOPPED ON ??? He is a progressive and sits on the side of Reid, Pelosi and soetero……JUST WATCH….

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