The Differences of US..... Move US to Think

Good Morning,

Happy Thursday morning! Let’s start with some fun as Bill Whittle goes through reasons to vote or not –  for Mr. Obama:

I ask that you send that video to EVERY ONE YOU KNOW especially your left leaning buds – you know – just for fun!

Umm maybe add this too .. I heard the most remarkable statement yesterday from Harry Reid and I now FULLY get what is wrong with our political system – they have no idea who their allegiance is supposed to be to! These dopes have forgotten they were sent to Washington NOT to protect the president, not to protect their party – they were sent there to REPRESENT WE THE PEOPLE. Get this:

Now, RS is on a roll this morning and the following two articles I beg – BEG – you to read:

Congressional REPUBLICANS are conspiring with liberals behind closed doors…

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