7 Israeli Jews Murdered, 20 Injured in Bulgaria Suicide Bombing Attack – Dearbornistan Connexn

Doctor Bulldog & Ronin

An interesting development, which, if true, would just go to show that our government’s fatuous embrace of Islam is making the United States into an exporter of terrorists.

Anyone want to bet that he’s most likely from Dearborn  (a.k.a. – Dearbornistan)?:

Bulgaria: Attack on Israeli tourist bus likely by suicide bomber with Michigan license
(CBS/AP) SOFIA, Bulgaria – Bulgaria’s interior minister says a bombing that killed eight people and injured dozens on a bus full of Israeli tourists was most likely a suicide attack. He says the suspected attacker was carrying a driver’s license issued in Michigan, which had been sent to the FBI.

Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov said Thursday the suspect appeared on security camera tape near the bus for nearly an hour before the attack.

Tsvetanov said the death toll had risen to eight, as the Bulgarian driver of the bus died in the hospital…

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  1. roymcdade says:

    This administrations permitting so many Muslims into this Country means it is ONLY A MATTER OF TIME before they are blowing up and murdering in this Country….

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