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Good Morning,

I think the pressure is getting to Obama and co. Did you catch the latest blunder…Despite 41 months of 8%+ unemployment, 13 million unemployed, 49 million in poverty, the POTUS is  “too busy to meet w/jobs council” according to Jay Carney. Yup priorities people – O is too busy – golfing, attending 106 fundraising events (since his last jobs council meeting alone!), going on what – 16 vacations – its hard work and time consuming people trying to get reelected! As if that isn’t enough – he told supporters yesterday that – get ready for this –

Official eye roll please! Ok moving on….

New unemployment claims rise almost 10%. Three years of Obama’s focus on jobs has proven disastrous. He SAYS he cares about jobs but his policies and agencies continue to destroy jobs at an alarming pace. And now he wants to further harm the economy…

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  1. upaces88 says:

    Thinking about us? What about thinking about what we DO NOT WANT that you are shoving down our throats, you two bit Communist asshole!!!

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