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Let’s jump right in this morning with Country star Troy Cook Jr’s “<strong>Lazy American Dream</strong>” an ode to Barack Obama and today’s Democrat Party. <strong>“Anything worth having we should have it all for free. In the land of the ‘What about me?’”</strong>

On Saturday our headline was “Bachmann is Right”. This morning Politico has this piece – here’s an excerpt – that to me – says it all: “She’s become an annoyance for House Republican leaders, who say her conspiracy theories tarnish the party’s brand and run afoul of their economy-focused message.”  Yes, truth tarnishes the party that keeps their heads in the sand and oh the horrors of going off message. I wonder if ‘the party’ has ever heard of multi-tasking and as for ‘tarnishing’ nope – they do a darn good job of that themselves – no scapegoat necessary!

This morning we learn that U.S…

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  1. roymcdade says:


    • upaces88 says:

      Roy, I don’t know where to start. I live on my SS. I am old enough that “everything is paid off. If I don’t have the $ for something? Guess what? I don’t buy it!

      I live in a community for 700 mobile homes near South Fork Ranch/. Our Office is a replica of “DALLAS” South Fork. Right after he got into office, we all received an invitation to go to a meeting at the office to fill out forms for repairs to be made in the home, etc. I “assumed” this was made possible by churches, private organizations, (tax write-offs(?))etc.

      Workers came to my home including Atmos Energy (gas). They “gave” me a new refrigerator (I had been using coolers) until I could find one on Craigs List I could afford.
      They brought in brand new window units.
      They repaired my home.
      At the time, It was my belief that many Organizations in my area got together and were taking it as a tax deduction somehow.
      When the workers were leaving, I asked one of them, “I don’t understand. This is nice, but who is paying for this?!

      The Atmos Energy repairman said, “The President..” I was shocked and replied, “WHY THE HELL DID HE DO THAT! I don’t want other people’s $ paying for this.!! As much as I needed it, I told him “NO! You have to take this back!”

      His answer, “We’re not allowed to!”

      That was JUST NOT RIGHT!!! I am not a whore that can be bought….but I know the “entitlement population” EXPECTS THIS and more!.

  2. upaces88 says:

    He is good…but the message irritates he hell outta me!

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