Stop Trying To Please Everyone

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1 Response to Stop Trying To Please Everyone

  1. upaces88 says:

    That is such a simple sounding thing…but he is so right!
    We all have to be True to Ourselves FIRST.
    I tried very hard to teach my daughter that first,
    “You have to be able to live with yourself FIRST!”
    We have to look at ourselves in the mirror; and people are cruel when you fall down financially or you’ve just lost your job….
    I have been horrified how people can turn on you when you fail… some people are actually happy that you fail rather than helping you to feel better; and that something else is around the corner for you.
    I would like to meet his parents. HE didn’t get this way without influence. Was it negative influence that inspired to to think about life, etc.; OR did his parents Teach HIM the values he is explaining?
    He is an exceptional man.

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