Is Obama pimping his daughters?

Via Congressman Tom Tancredo

Obama Invokes His Daughters In Defense of Planned Parenthood: “I’ve Got Two Daughters. I Want Them To Control” Where They Can Get An Abortion…

If you find my question offensive go find somebody that cares and tell them. If Obama had a son he would look/be like Trayvon Martin, I guess Obama’s daughter’s would be like Sandra Fluke. Obama is the one that interjects his daughters into his asshole statements and positions. IMO that takes them off limits.

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5 Responses to Is Obama pimping his daughters?

  1. mike guthrie says:

    I think obama is every evil. I believe he would let anyone molest his children for a vote. Joe Biden seems like a molester. Evil people.

    • upaces88 says:

      I DO feel very sorry for those children. They will NEVER be safe. They will never live it down WHO and WHAT their supposed father was.

      They either bought them or rented them????
      The majority of adults I know have those stories and photo(s) of the first new baby:
      Mom pregnant (embarrassing to look like a beached whale); But, we all have them!
      Mom, new baby getting in the car to go home;
      Baby’s first Christmas, Easter, Birthday, bath, toy, not the mention family reunions;

  2. upaces88 says:

    For a father (?) to say that is despicable.
    What happened to teaching them to be responsible?
    What happened to teaching them about respecting themselves and being careful what kind of person they are dating?

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