Bachmann WAS told to apologize or she might lose her intelligence committee post!

We stand with Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann!

Mark Levin: It is true, Bachmann WAS told to apologize or she might lose her intelligence committee post

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6 Responses to Bachmann WAS told to apologize or she might lose her intelligence committee post!

  1. upaces88 says:

    Ya know, when they take $ from CAIR — I know I said this already, and it doesn’t seem to mean squat to them… but it is AGAINST THE DAMN LAW! The Logan Act Prohibits taking Foreign $$.

    I DO HOPE she has a great security team. These people are now scared of her…she has a lot of people behind her besides West, and Newt. WE ARE BEHIND HER!

  2. upaces88 says:

    54 Members of Congress Accepted Money From Hamas Terrorists: Federal Judge Confirms CAIR Are Hamas Terrorists!

    Posted by Volubrjotr ⋅ June 18, 2012⋅ Leave a Comment

    Federal Judge Confirms CAIR ~ Are Hamas Terrorists.

    In Case There are Any Doubts…

    Hamas is a U.S. State Department-designated terrorist organization that professes to be a “Nation of Jihad”.

    CAIR is a front organization of Hamas.

    At least 54 Members of Congress are aiding, working with, taking money from and/or acting as a front for CAIR (i.e., Hamas, i.e., a U.S. State Department-designated terrorist organization).

    The Palestine Authority has long been considered an entity supporting terrorism. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have given nearly $600 Million in taxpayer money to the Palestine Authority.

    Continue Reading:

  3. upaces88 says:

    Rredneck Woman, I just “re-read the title”…
    She might lose her” INTELLIGENCE POST”?
    Referring to the Muslims overtaking our Federal Govt….
    this is more like an oxymoron.
    and from the “intelligence” perspective…she is 100% right to do exactly what she is doing!

    Have they all gone totally bug fuckin’ nuts!!!! And, No, that is not a question. IF this is what they are saying to her. They have already not only lost their sanity but their honor, and loyalty to OUR Country.
    And, I WANT TO SEE THE…no, I already have the list!

    • Redneck Woman says:

      They are trying to get her to shut up by bullying her into submission. Remember those on some blogs we both have been on? They start name calling and brow beating those who speak the truth! I hope she has a bigger set than McCain and the others who are doing this to her!…..they hate the truth coming out …that’s when you get a bigger spotlight and shine it on all that have been compromised! List them…let people know who they are! Let them try to scurry under cover like the cockroaches they are! It’s the only way to fight this! Keep advancing…don’t surrender and above all else…TAKE NO PRISONERS!

  4. Redneck Woman says:

    NO Michelle! You do not need to apologize! The problem that you brought up definitely needs looking into…stick to your guns! Don’t let them bully you into keeping quiet about it. It’s what the left and the progressives want …to shut you up! Meet their threat with one of your own…if you lose your position on the intelligence committee…you’ll be even more vocal about the infilitration of the Muslim Brotherhood….starting with all those in Congress who have taken monies from CAIR! There are 54 of them….. it’s a good starting point!

  5. upaces88 says:

    She has absolutely nothing to apologize for!!!!
    Hang in there, Michelle!

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