Agenda 21: Who Owns The Rain?

Un-fuckin believable.

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5 Responses to Agenda 21: Who Owns The Rain?

  1. Tamara says:

    DISTRACT, and INSULT with a vengence to completely gut sovereignty! Agenda 21 and the Federal Reserve (Charter ends this year, trying to re-establish without you noticing ) are heaviy involved on this process TOGETHER! Anyone heard Mitt mention Gass Stegall, LIBOR, the federal reserve, NOPE and you won’t! He is not here for YOU!

  2. upaces88 says:

    Do you know what just occurred to me?
    We have watched video(s); read articles that are sooo bizarre that they don’t even seem real.
    We are being “programmed” to accept any act or program of total idiocy to just accept it and go on.

    We continuously are bombarded by garbage beyond belief! It IS intentional. The motive is to tire us out so that we throw up our hands and give up…I mean, all we are is just every day citizens who don’t mean a thing to them. Right?

    It IS a form or “programming.”
    We cannot allow ourselves to give up in complacency. It would be easy to do since it is a daily bashing of our rights in almost every email I get. One is more shocking than the last; and so on and so on. It is designed to cause us to feel complacent; and .more or less, feel helpless..BECAUSE NO ONE IS STANDING UP FOR US!.

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  4. 1IDVET says:

    Reblogged this on Truth, Lies and In Between and commented:
    More on Agenda 21.

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