The Differences of US..... Move US to Think

Good Morning,

Florida is ‘under siege’….Tampa specifically. ‘Black people have to stay in their homes.’ That’s right – It’s under siege with ‘crackers, tea bags, Republican a**holes’ according to the Black Panthers. You have to listen to this to really understand the level of hatred that is taking place. As the headline reads – this group has threatened ‘our feet will be on your ******** necks’.

What could inspire such hatred you may ask?


We could start with Biden’s race baiting yesterday. In the best southern accent he could muster up, he said before a group in Virginia ‘They gonna put y’all back in chains’.

Nice huh? And this is our Vice President but correct me if I am wrong – I thought it was the Democrats that once wanted to ‘keep em’ in chains’. Of course the spin is that he didn’t mean slavery he meant…

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