The Differences of US..... Move US to Think

Good Morning,

Well, by the looks of it you ALL get Agenda 21 now. I am happy that you a)took the time to watch the video ad b) to let me know! Now let’s get to Agenda 22 which ends Agenda 21 :-)

Speaking of ending things last night I found myself in the Emergency Room with my youngest who had severe pain in the lower abdomen area which radiated into her back (appendix side). Keeled over in pain we walk into a less than packed waiting room. It took 20 minutes to get registered and seen by the triage nurse who took her vitals. Back out into the waiting room. There we sat for 49 minutes. We then were escorted into a room where we sat for another 58 minutes before seeing a doctor. Doctor came in, 2 minutes later tests are ordered and he’s gone. 5 minutes after…

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