Treasonous Obama.

The Mad Jewess

Hard Core LEFTIST Obama is giving China America’s Oil Fields. Isn’t that what Leftists do? Isn’t that why you Amerikaners sat on your haunch and allow Leftists to thrive and grow in numbers that they have taken over every spectre of your life?

Read. And enjoy your Leftists.

Using two front corporations, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation and the State-Owned Assets Supervision as well as the Administration Commission of the State Council, the Chinese Communists have entered into a $570 million deal that gives it a third interest in an oil and gas field in Colorado and Wyoming. What’s worse is that language in the agreement has given the Chinese government the right to a third of ANY NEW oil or gas discovered in areas encompassed by this energy site.

Aside from having their China National Offshore Oil Corporation , other states where China has a sizable presence are as…

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  1. Roy Mcdade says:

    He is a traitor… PURE AND SIMPLE… He , V. Jarret, and his group of traitors should ALL BE ARRESTED…

  2. upaces88 says:

    Bob, I apologize, I can’t remember if it was you or CM I mention this to….There was an article that Obama had chosen new Military Commanders. It was mentioned that those chosen “would be more prone to follow his orders.”
    Yesterday, I received an email with a video that they Military is very divided due to that right now. Some of them WILL carry out the orders of Obama against American Citizens while others are “Refusing” the orders. HE IS dividing our Military against each other.
    One side is told to shoot any Military man/woman who fires on an American Citizen just for protesting, etc…The other side will shoot back at their own kind. It is going to be a fuckin’ mess!

    IF you want to use this to write an article, Please feel free to delete this comment and use it.

    Video: Military Officer Refuses to Practice Drill for Detaining Amerian Citizens

  3. upaces88 says:

    He also gave the oil rich islands off the coast of Alaska to Russia. He had Hillary give eminent domain to land in Idaho and Texas to China.

    Of course, he “can’t do this.” But! he does it anyway.
    After the BP spill (sabotaged)…after he turned down help from countless countries for their help…after he turned down help from even those in Hollywood who had invested $ into science and found the “cure” to dividing oil from water, he turned it down and allowed it to continue spilling.

    He turned down working with Canada on the oil pipeline.

    I have no words left — stupid, delusional, and other descriptions we may have though in the past are NOT correct descriptions to all that he is doing.

    The only word I know to describe him is Pure Evil. He is DELIBERATELY destroying our country as the House and Senate are complicit. We need to start completely over.

    P.S. Bob, I still am having a problem with my computer getting on your site, CM’s and a couple of others. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it fixed within a couple of weeks. My reason in telling you this…I did NOT want you to think I am ignoring your great site.
    Most of the time, it just sits there and spins and won’t allow all of your page to load.
    I was lucky this time and got on!

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