The Differences of US..... Move US to Think

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81 days from now you will make a decision. That decision will be the deciding factor on our government’s role in this country. Will your decision side with ‘fairness’ or will it side with ‘hard work and personal responsibility’? Will it be for the job creators or the ‘level playing field’ pushers? Will it coincide with getting government out of the way to allow for the American Dream to Lead or will it jive with the ‘you can’t go it alone you need bigger government’? Will it side with Agenda 21? Abortion on Demand? ObamaCare? Cutting military spending? Amnesty for illegals? Dream Funds? Bailouts? Medicare as we know it?

The decision we each make, locally, state wide and nationally, will ultimately be the deciding factor of how our country moves forward, moves backwards or moves towards something unfamiliar to Americans. So, let’s look at what those decisions hinge…

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  1. Roy Mcdade says:

    Bob, It all boils down to your IQ, Who do you believe, Power and greed. Oh, and who LIES the best…

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