NOBAMA 2012!




This time around I have little to add to what Maria Noon writing in Townhall has to say. I will add that she is correct in every part of this report, and it is frightening that so many of our citizens support a President that espouses policies that will lead to a lower standard of living, a poorer diet, poorer health and shorter lives, by design. Here’s Marita

During a recent trip to Washington DC, I heard that “by the end of his second term, President Obama wants 40% of our natural resources to be imported.” Like Harry Reid’s “Bain Capital investor,” my source is reliable: a Capitol Hill staffer. While I do not have a secret White House memo to validate the premise, it explains a lot.


During his 2008 campaign, candidate Obama made it clear that he doesn’t have a problem with $4-a-gallon…

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