Islam, The Gates Of Hell!

The next time someone talks about moderate Islam and peaceful Muslim neighbors, think WTF! This is the multiculturalism Obama and other politically correct leaders”  are taking you to.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


About twenty years ago I was the first person at the scene of a tragedy and discovered a man who was missing his head. That was a sight that bothered me for years, and then about two years ago I entered an internet site, and immediately clicked back out of it for there on a gurney was another headless man.

Research that I was doing led me back to that hideous sight several months later and to my everlasting disgust, I found that it was not the photograph of a headless man, but of a twelve year old girl who had been murdered for trying to get an education in an Islamic world that fears knowledge. To add to the horror I found that she did not die alone, as several of her friends were also beheaded and another young lady who managed to escape will bear a serious scar for life from a machete that hit the side of her face and her throat.

What I have learned of the cult of death called Islam, the so called “Religion of Peace,” has changed me forever. Since then I have viewed videos and photos of the vicious, barbarous acts that no human being  should ever see, mainly because the inhumanity found in those photos should not exist on the planet Earth. The things that I have learned about Islam have given me a resolve to reveal to all that will look and listen, that this evil, which now lives among us is so appalling that it must be pushed back to the deserts of death from which it sprang.

I can now grasp the full meaning of the word “Quandary,” for I am facing one. I would not want any human being of good faith to see the photographs of pure evil that I have collected. The other side of the quandary is that I want everyone to see these images of things far worse than mere death, for all should be aware that such evil exists, and never ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

This evil is being perpetrated on us by our leaders in their struggle to create multiculturalism for which I am certain many are being well paid. There is a term that the Progressives of the world love to use … Moral Equivalence, which basically means that there is no right and wrong, and that we are all equal. That is a blatant lie! We are not equal and there is a great gulf between the premises of Right and Wrong, and if you have the stamina to view these photographs that I have collected, I am confident you will be convinced of the truth of that statement. While it is true there is much wrong doing in the world, it is a world that would be reasonably peaceful except where Islam reigns or is gaining in strength.

If you are anything like me you have been trying to awaken your fellow human beings to the dangers we face from this tribal mentality that has cast a dark shadow over the world for fourteen hundred years. Any who disbelieve that Islam is an incarnation of evil will have to accept the reality that we know to be true. If they can look at the following photos and walk away unscathed by the experience and still defend Islam then they are one of two things. Evil, or simply not worth saving.

The following photos are extremely graphic.They are not meant for the young not the faint of heart. Please be certain that no minor is peering over your shoulder. This photo essay has been revised from a slightly smaller version from a year ago. I did not release it widely as only a few friends were allowed to view it. Several told me that they had to pause their viewing and take a break from what they saw before them. This might be advisable, and if you choose this option do not think it a sign of weakness on your part. If anything this course of action would be a sign of your humanity as what you are about to view is a total assault on all that is humane. Read more…

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2 Responses to Islam, The Gates Of Hell!

  1. EVERY DAY we read what satanic acts they commit… EVERY SINGLE DAY!
    It will be sad when we become so numb that we pass it off as an every day event with these people (“animals”). NO, I don’t know of any animals that do this.

    The one article that really made me sick to my soul was the article on Bare Naked Islam that the animals … no, “that Satan’s spawn” had murdered a little 6 yr old girl, and were sitting there in front of her mother, eating the child’s body.

    I am on the edge of believing that there are NO good Muslims just those who are too cowardly to fight FOR OR AGAINST what is going on. It WILL CONTINUE. They will NEVER STOP.

    Terrible Beauty

    • boudicabpi says:

      “I am on the edge of believing that there are NO good Muslims just those who are too cowardly to fight FOR OR AGAINST what is going on”

      Very well put..

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