What if the mainstream media told the truth? Wayne Allyn Root


The mainstream media telling the truth. Wouldn’t that be different.

Is it possible the mainstream media is finally starting to grasp what I predicted 3 months ago — that Obama will lose in a landslide? The first domino has fallen. Ultra-left Newsweek’s cover story on Monday features a photo of Obama and the headline: “Hit the Road Barack, Why We Need a New President.”

My, how the mighty have fallen. As the mainstream media realizes that Obama will not only lose, but lose big, I predict this will be the first of many negative headlines for Obama. No one likes to bet on a lame horse.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/08/20/what-if-mainstream-media-told-truth/#ixzz246zOtHyW

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4 Responses to What if the mainstream media told the truth? Wayne Allyn Root

  1. upaces88 says:

    Just a little history lesson to go with the above titled article.
    Here in Texas, we really didn’t think George would get President. I was in graduate school at the time corresponding with a Criminal Psychiatrist in Germany. I assured him that Georgie boy would NOT be president. He had a terrible reputation for his drinking and women.

    Well, he did run; and during his campaign a news man for WFAA TV (Ft Worth, TX) actually reported the news and background of George.
    He seldom showed up for formation while in the Air National Guard OR he showed up very hung over.
    He crashed a plane because he was drunk when he flew.

    That man was immediately fired and has been unable to get another job in his chosen field. Once in a while, I will catch him in a movie. The last one I saw:him in was “In the electric Mist” with Tommy Lee Jones”. He plays the part of cop. AND, by the way, it IS an excellent movie (Amazon.com has it at very low prices).

    Now? Fox “hinted” at “the Annointed One”, etc. but no one has told the truth. THEY KNEW…EVERY SINGLE NEWS NETWORK KNEW…they do receive the AP Wire. I have articles after articles from Africa noting they were so proud of him…their country man!

  2. roblorinov says:

    You know I’ve been thinking of something along lines of the wife who is beaten up regularly as an analogy. For a while such a wife makes excuses for her abusive husband and even lies about her injuries and then finally she turns on him and crap hits the fan. Is that what is happening now with this administration? Are they finally tired of being abused and turning on Barry O? I saw a report last week where the WH press corp is upset with Obama as he hasn’t met with them in weeks and they feel he’s ignoring them.

    Obama is one of these very arrogant people who mistakenly thinks just because he says something then it must be so. That’s because he thinks Americans are idiots, redneck, “inbreds” as the standing joke is in the halls of the WH. That is his biggest mistake IMO. Thinking that Americans are stupid. We’re not!

    All I hear coming from this president is rhetoric about Romney’s tax returns. I DON’T care! What about the issues? What about jobs and the economy? All I’m hearing is the SOS we’ve heard for the past 4 years with NOTHING being delivered by Obama. People are tired of empty promises and obviously meaningless rhetoric. Yes, it’s time for Obama to hit the road JACK!!

    • upaces88 says:

      And, Rob…what about all of his treasonous acts?
      Obama is insidiously arrogant…to be point of Hubris.
      When he does meet with any press, he tells them what they can and cannot ask.
      Lately, he has made it his “little rule” that they have to “clear” what they report on the news networks.

      This started out a long time ago with lesser issues during the time Bush was running for president; however, the “black-out” of REAL news has grown into a great hideous monster hiding in the darkness of the evil WH!

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