Obama and his tribe of dipshits have learned nothing from the havoc created in Egypt or worse don’t give a flyin f%$K for the plight of Christians in the Mid East.

The Mad Jewess

 By the way.. It is ‘thou shalt not MURDER.’

[In The Torah]

This is what America, the so called Judao-Christian nation has brought upon the Christians of Syria.  I hope you devils are happy.   What part about ‘thou shalt not murder do you not understand?’


What will change if Romney gets in?  Will he continue bombing countries into oblivion?

I guess these young Christians are not high and mighty super-Christians like “Christian” Judeo AmeriKa?  They are not out bombing, just trying to live their lives. So, they are not good Christians, because in AmeriKa, Christians AND Jews like to see the bombing of other countries.  It’s an AmeriKan fashion.
Side note for Christians:
Revelation 17:
24 In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people, 
    of all who have been…

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  1. The MAD Jewess says:

    You know, Bob- I couldnt care less before about these type things.
    I guess the older we get, the wiser?
    I just see this IDIOT and the GOP liars murdering people for NO reason.
    They didnt attack us.
    Libya didnt attack us, Egypt didnt attack us either.

    True, their leaders were crazy, but that is not OUR problem. Now , WE have the crazy tyrant.

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