Obama, Hitlery and the whole of his clan suck! Stay out of Syria, as Assad goes so go Christians, not that he’s not evil. Assad is better than a Syria with him gone as were Egypt and Libya with their dictators.

The Mad Jewess

CLICK: Darayya Massacre: Innocent People killed by FUKUS Backed FSA On YOUR dime. Murdering, psychopaths- Hillary and Obama are filthy, blood-thirsty satanists.  America has turned into one of the most evil nations this world has EVER seen.

NOTE: I do not know WHY a couple of the victims mention “Zionists” in this video.  Israelis are totally against Syrian rebels/terrorists gaining control of the military and government, it woould mean their END.  Saying that “Zionists” are behind this assault on these countries makes ZERO sense.  We can thank the far leftist radicals and Nazis for always saying “Zionist this and Zionists that.”

For the last f’n time; They are MARXISTS in Obamas administration.  Radical Muslims and Marxists.  

More here:

Civilians Massacred in Daraya A Town Overrun By NATO’s FSA

‘Syria will defeat foreign conspiracy’


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