If we can unite and defeat Obama we get a 4 year window to bring the GOP back to a party that believes in the Republic as envisioned/mandated by our founders.

Citizen Tom

What follows is a reblog from The Mason Conservative. I think it is a good follow-on to my last post, ARE YOU A REPUBLICAN? ARE YOU A TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN? SHOULD BE HOPPING MAD? MAYBE. There are lots of good thoughts here.

I was trying to figure out the best way to express my feelings that given what has happened in Tampa, its critical that Ron Paul liberty Republicans and the Tea Party unite to fight the common enemy.  But I got an email from “Anonymous” who said everything I wanted said so I decided to just cut and paste it with his/her permission.  I couldn’t say it better myself:

Lessons from the Outrage in Tampa

For those of you unaware, the Romney Campaign and establishment at the RNC convention yesterday orchestrated a naked powergrab to silence the voices of grassroots activists at future Republican National Conventions. They only…

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  1. Citizen Tom says:

    Thank you for the reblog.

  2. upaces88 says:

    The RNC is corrupted and broken.

  3. upaces88 says:

    There is NO unified RNC anymore. The RNC has become more kin to King George and his court.
    From the very beginning there was corruption. It doesn’t matter who you are for OR against. DO you want the Powers that be CHOOSING FOR YOU?
    As I explain, put in “your own candidate’s name where I state mine. It is NOT a matter of my favorite…it is a Matter of US being ALLOWED to choose!

    The first time I knew we were in real trouble was when the first poll came out. You’ve all seen them time and time again.
    There are all the photo(s) of the potential candidates for you to choose from. You make YOUR choice and drag that photo into the slot for President.
    Then you make your choice of VP, dragging that person’s photo to the slot.
    George Soros has been behind the scene the entire time manipulating how we vote before the voting of the Candidates even begin!
    I went to the web site to “drag the photo of MY chosen candidate to the slot of President”. However, Romney’s photo was already there!
    Oh, yes, we “were ALLOWED” to choose his VP. How nice of them.

    The second step was wiping every one out who was to run for the POTUS.
    I was/still am a Newt Gingrich supporter. HOWEVER, if you are not. that’s fine. In your mind, just place YOUR FIRST initial candidate’s name in here, okay?
    Many of us were on Newt’s site all excited. …. until, we were all “banned”. The moderator explained that Romney’s people had taken over and they were hell
    bent to get Romney/Santorum in. Since then, that has changed. AGAIN, that is not the point.

    Did you notice which people were shoved aside from successfully running?
    Bachman, Gingrich, West and Palin..why?
    They all have one thing in common. They ALL want Muslims, Shariah Law OUT OF D.C.!
    West came out exposing the Communists and Marxists in D.C.

    Now add this into the formula. We have “54” policians in D.C. Receiving $ from CAIR and HAMAS. Please check the list to see if YOUR representative is on the list.


    We are NO longer in a Country where we CHOOSE our own candidates. They are being chosen for us. It will ONLY SEEM that our votes will count.

    • Citizen Tom says:

      upaces88 — Your opinion of the Republican Party is only a little bit lower than my own. I think we have given too much power to our elites. We cannot hold them accountable. Here are some examples.

      Except in war time I do not think Congress should be allowed to provide foreign aid. That just encourages foreigners to bribe our leaders for money. Because of credit cards, campaign donations can be very difficult to track. We should require our leaders to publicly report where they get all their money from. If you are going to run for office, we have a right to know who is backing your play.

      We need to hold CEOs accountable. To reduce corporate influence on government, the advantages of incorporation should be limited. For example, if you decide to invest in a company, you should take a tax hit if you do not keep your stock for at least five years. That is, in return for the right to incorporate and the priviliege of limited liability, stock holders should be REQUIRED TO MANAGE their investments and hold the CEOs running their companies accountable.

      We need to hold labor unions accountable. Government should get out of the business of supporting labor unions. Why are we allowing government to tell private companies who they must hire? If workers see no benefit in joining a labor union, why should they be FORCED to pay dues. If employers see no benefit in hiring union workers, why FORCE them to hire union workers.

      How does all this apply to the Republican Party? The two major parties have stripped us of a first amendment right, the freedom to assemble and petition the government. Almost every state now exercises control over how political parties select their candidates. The net effect is to eliminate effective competition from third parties. Thus, we have a choice between either a Republican or a Democrat, and the only hope we have of fixing the system is to take over the Republican Party. That has proven to be a more difficult than it was to start the Republican Party just before the Civil War. Therefore, we cannot use the threat of a third party to hold the two major parties accountable.

      We need to get government out of the mass media. Why is our government funding organizations like PBS and NPR? Why does our government buy so many commercials? When we get so much of our information from the corporate news media, isn’t the conflict of interest obvious?

      What is the bottom line? To increase accountability, we need reduce the power of our government in general. The less our government controls, the less advantage corrupt people can gain from it.

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